add water

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Put the meal into the trough, add water gradually, and knead it thoroughly.
It is a dry powder and you add water to make a paste, then you rub the paste over the metal or stone or whatever and leave for about a minute and wash off.
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today invited submissions on an application seeking approval to add water during wine production to limit stuck fermentations, as is allowed internationally.
There is no need to disassemble the planter to add water.
James Chilton, of Hudderseld University, won the Just Add Water Award for Game Art.
In a deep pan, add water, onion, bay leaves and cardamom, season with salt and pepper and leave to boil.
From the fascinating George Pullman, a millionaire who ruled his company town with an iron fist (he wanted to solve the problems of labor unrest and poverty, and he was a major job creator for African-Americans, yet the he prohibited independent newspapers, town meetings, or open discussion in his company town), to the toll of devastating fires (especially the Great Chicago Fire of 1871) to the spectacular World's Fair, Just Add Water hits the highlights while encouraging young readers to think about what they have learned.
JUST ADD WATER AND STIR TO USE INSTANT CHEESES--Instant cheddar and blue cheeses (add water and stir) will soon be on the grocer's shelf, adding to the growing list of compressed and condensed foods turned out by science.
The easy to use, just add water mix offers short mixing and baking times that make it quick to create a range of recipes to suit every price point", explains Norman Chappel, Development Manager, CSM United Kingdom.
I can add water or tip the bucket over to water the lawn; it takes no time at all.
The system features a built-in plant lighting system and a computerized timer that indicates exactly when to add water and nutrients, then automatically adjusts nutrient delivery and water flow and turns the lights on and off.