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When you add weight to your person, the energy and strength you need to counter gravity increases, thus helping you burn more calories and build more muscle.
Non Rhys, HWB Cymru, said: "With so many private and public sector organisations lobbying the Welsh Government it is even more important for organisations in Wales to add weight to their campaigns with evidence-based arguments.
But today's picture of two operatives snoozing in the cosy cab of a bin wagon in broad daylight is hardly likely to add weight to the arguments of those who defend the refuse teams.
Portugal international Meireles has signed a four-year contract and will add weight to a Reds midfield looking short on numbers following the departures of Mascherano and Alberto Aquilani.
The gloomy findings from the CBI business group will add weight to fears of a sluggish and drawn-out recovery from recession.
The findings could add weight to arguments of, one day, finding life forms elsewhere in space.
This suggests the government is inclined to overregulate everything it touches, a fact that might add weight to Cowen's argument.
Because domestication diverges from a standard model of evolution, he says, further experiments are necessary to add weight to Fondon and Garner's theory.
'His role in the regional VAT team will add weight to what is already one of the strongest and most specialised in the region.'
Recent developments, however, add weight to evidence that it would be unwise to have faith in news coverage from NPR or the New York Times.
662-663, the next to last sentence should read as follows: "These results add weight to assertions that clinical microbiology laboratories need not routinely screen for vancomycin heteroresistance in S.
For the bigger guys, we can add weight to the platforms on the sleds.