added charge

See: surcharge
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1 Long Islanders woke up to an added charge of 5 cents per plastic bag used at checkout.
The country's diplomatic missions overseas will now be issuing 10-year passports at no added charge, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).
If a school imposes an enrollment fee, it cannot exceed 10 percent of last year's annual tuition fee and should be considered part of the annual fee rather than an added charge.
The offering, for which Autopilot has a 30-day free trial, starts at $4 a month for 500 contacts, unlimited email, and no restrictions on any features If you send a postcard to a customer, however, there is an added charge.
There will be no added charge for customers receiving orders from the participating stores, disclosed a Woolworths spokeswoman.
Cameroon national Nartey, 29, of Redwood Close, St Mellons, admitted his role in the scam and also pleaded guilty to an added charge of possessing an identity document with improper intent after travelling to Northern Ireland from South Wales on December 19.
Stewarding and police costs as well as the added charge of clean-up costs in the aftermath of Monday's final will mean this season's competition has operated at a loss.
There is never an added charge for personalization and engraving at GiftWorksPlus.
Szews will continue as CEO and a director of Oshkosh's board of directors while EVP and president John Urias of the company's Defense segment together with all other members of the corporate Executive Operating Team will continue to report to Szews, it said and added that over time as the MOVE strategy's execution progresses, Jones will have added charge like oversight of the Defense segment and some corporate functions.
As an extra function we added charge points for the scooters so that while in storage the scooters can be fully charged up, ready for their next outing.
DRUG dealers/drug smugglers/kid killers - this point must be made clear, they should be charged with selling or importing a poison with intent to kill as an added charge.
Central and WesCorp, which Hawkins said he anticipates will have an added charge for Altura in excess of $9 million.