added protection

References in classic literature ?
The bull-dog stood too short, while its massive jaws were an added protection. White Fang darted in and out unscathed, while Cherokee's wounds increased.
The non-lethal but temporarily debilitating shock would provide added protection against would-be attackers, the organisation added.
The Infinity Flex Display will feature additional metal layers for added protection. The Galaxy Fold will be available from September in select markets.
Designed to give product-packaging labels added protection, as well as dramatic appearances and enhanced shelf appeal, the new overlaminates are ideal for packaging applications in markets such as health and beauty, household goods and food packaging.
The 14-inch uppers have a new, angled top-line for a more comfortable fit around the calf, as well as extended rubber coverage in the ankle area for added protection. Outsoles sport a waffle high-traction grid for improved footing in wet/muddy conditions, while the midsoles include reinforcement in the Achilles tendon area.
It also features a PE lining for added protection. The 3ml capacity makes these bottles ideal for packaging or sampling serum, cream, lotion, foundation and other light-sensitive liquid-based formulations.
It features a 6-inch barrel, chambered in .357 Mag., with rails on top and bottom and has a PVD mix color finish for added protection against corrosion and blemishes.
According to Heidi Strommen, president of ProHost USA, the Wine Valuation Endorsement will give restaurants with more extensive wine collections added protection in the event of direct physical loss or damage.
The analyst estimates that each two years of added protection over 2018 for the multiple sclerosis drug is worth around $6 per share.
Meanwhile, Brigadier Dr Mohammad Al Murr, director of the Human Rights Department of Dubai Police, praised the role of the programme that has helped in providing added protection to the children.
Sealed components minimize downtime and maintenance costs, as well as provide added protection in dusty or damp environments.