added protection

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The bull-dog stood too short, while its massive jaws were an added protection.
I also included a term insurance to diversify the policies somewhat, and also give them the added protection," says Jones, who used an asset allocation model of 5% cash, 20% international stocks, 30% large caps, 25% small caps and midcaps, and 20% bonds to round out the Jacksons' investment portfolio.
The cord and components are completely encapsulated and cannot be pulled out or loosened, and the flame-retardant PUR provides added protection.
If all this isn't enough, Volvo engineers worked alongside their counterparts at Autoliv to develop an innovative door-mounted inflatable curtain that provides added protection for front seat occupants.
The geographical distribution of these centers ensures response efficiency, and provides added protection against regional events that can negatively impact regionally-consolidated networks.
The Grip Insert provides added protection against possible inadvertent activation of the reserve parachute during inflight door check procedures by an airborne jumpmaster, following a number of jumpmaster extraction incidents over the past two years.
Critic-Aid anorectal skin protectant provides protection and temporary relief from skin irritation caused by severe or chronic diarrhea and enzymatic drainage, offering added protection by adhering to wet, weepy skin.
The agency plans to propose a rule this summer to ease the reporting requirements for top performers regulated by maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standards under the Glean Air Act, as well as allow these facilities to store hazardous waste on site for an additional 90 days, provided they have the added protection of secondary containment.
The boxes also feature fabric covers for added protection and decoration.
For added protection from nature's elements, the dome comes with a water-resistant, fire-retardant fabric top.
The new arrangement works just about as well as a sheet of bare foam, he says, with the added protection that a facing provides.