added together

See: cumulative
References in classic literature ?
For happiness is not like that numerical equality which arises from certain numbers when added together, although neither of them may separately contain it; for happiness cannot be thus added together, but must exist in every individual, as some properties belong to every integral; and if the military are not happy, who else are so?
As to the Males of every class, it may be roughly said that the length of an adult's sides, when added together, is two feet or a little more.
Meanwhile my beans, the length of whose rows, added together, was seven miles already planted, were impatient to be hoed, for the earliest had grown considerably before the latest were in the ground; indeed they were not easily to be put off.
He lived up to his income, but never beyond it; and all his debts added together would not reach two hundred pounds.
It is not experienced in prison otherwise the two sentences would be added together.
Scores for each measure are then added together to get a total score for each category, and all the scores are added together to get a total.
But the AMLC said that 'suffice it to state that in the attachment to the complaint, the alleged debits and credits representing outflows and inflows of funds were added together, thus, the resulting total amounts are wrong and misleading.'
The judges have cast their votes and their scores and viewers' votes have been added together.
For the quotation evaluation, the total cost of Lots 1 and 2 are added together. Energie Wasser Bern reserves the right to the benefits of Lot 2 not or only individual services to forgive them.
Just like teamwork--people working together are able to accomplish more when their individual efforts are added together.
It will allow the value added produced in the countries of the region to be added together when determining whether a certain product complies with the threshold for preferential treatment.
If the numbers added together equal 10 or more, simply reduce down the number again.