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Announced the formation of Addicere Therapeutics, Inc.
Dicare makes reference to reasoned legal declarations (in the same vein, consider indicare, iudicare; adiudicare, abdicare), (116) whilst dicere, on the other hand, to coercive acts or commands (therefore giving us ius dicere, addicere, edicere, interdicere).
Non preteribo huic loco addicere quod nullo certo auctore sed perseverante ad hanc meam etatem fama vulgatum accepi.
In addition, Alexza has created Addicere Therapeutics, Inc.
Zaffaroni-founded companies, Alexza has formed Addicere Therapeutics to focus on the development of smoking cessation therapies based on the Staccato electronic multi-dose technology.
Addicere believes the Staccato technology is capable of mimicking the pharmacokinetics of smoking cigarettes through the delivery of optimally-sized nicotine particles to the deep lung.