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Pelmorex said this acquisition allows it to utilise Addictive Mobility's digital audience buying platforms and pinpointed targeting to reach the right users, at the right time, with the right message and creative across the programmatic ad ecosystem.
The simple yet addictive game went viral after Nguyen's revelation that it raked in 50,000 dollars in ad revenue, stirring doubts about counterfeit downloads.
New research offers growing support for the idea that excess food intake can be linked to addictive behaviors.
Any efforts to reduce skin cancer risk must address the addictive nature of indoor tanning for these members of the population, said Catherine E.
The findings show that developing similar benzodiazepines that bind to a different part may offer the same drug benefits without the addictive side effects, they said.
This committee was tasked, in part, with establishing the rationale for the creation of a new diagnosis: the addictive disorders.
Cricket and baseball are by far the most addictive.
THE Labour Party yesterday accused the Government of trying to legalise new highly addictive one-armed bandits through the back door.
A front-page article on Saturday described a cocaine epidemic in Argentina fed by the consumption of paco, an addictive smokable cocaine residue," the unsigned note stated.
A deadly drug, more addictive than heroin and crack cocaine, is being used by addicts on Tyneside.
The addictive ingredient in those cigarettes in the schoolyard could prep the brain for reliance on illicit drugs, say researchers working with adolescent rats.
The Journal calls slots "one of the most popular and addictive forms of betting.