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Any individual who habitually uses any narcotic drug so as to endanger the public morals, health, safety, or welfare, or who is so drawn to the use of such narcotic drugs as to have lost the power of self-control with reference to his or her drug use.

Addiction to narcotics is not a crime in itself, but that does not excuse violation of related statutes. It may be an offense to be under the influence of an illegal drug in a public place, even though being an addict is not illegal. While such a statute is intended to protect society from the dangers of drug abuse and the antisocial conduct of drug abusers, it generally is not necessary for conviction to prove that the defendant was disturbing the peace when arrested.


Drugs and Narcotics.


noun adherent, ardent admirer, believer, creaaure of habit, devotee, disciple, enthusiast, fan, fanatic, fancier, follower, frequenter, partisan, practitioner, pursuer, votary, zealot
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Meanwhile, families in Metro Manila think the presence of drug addicts in their communities decreased.
ANF has four hospitals to rehabilitate addicts, while another one is being established in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
This is the fifth year that the two entities are cooperating to provide recovering addicts with the food coupons.
The programme interviewed two former heroin addicts who totally rubbished the idea as impractical and unworkable.
Lundgren, Gerdner and Lundqvist studied (n=55) Swedish female addicts with mean age of 34.
Am Atef joins addicts in their rooms at the rehab centre
The new study, published in the journal Science, attempted to answer that by comparing the brains of 50 cocaine or crack addicts with the brain of their brother or sister, who had always been clean.
Kuwaiti addicts are always impatient and reluctant to tackle their
A leading Saudi journalist, Sahar Al-Bandar, has set up a charity called Rahmah ('tender care') to care for the families of drug addicts.
Just ten per cent of addicts are responsible for 75 per cent of British thefts and robberies - but their need for drugs creates the big-time dealers, the most dangerous and immoral section of our society.
In my 10 years of experience, I have realised that drug addicts often wait for someone to share their problems with, someone who will listen patiently and help.