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Instead, he gets fired and then replaced by an adding machine which is capable of doing Mr.
Felt in 1887, is considered the first practically and commercially successful key-driven adding machine.
Another important impact of the adding machine was that it often allowed an accountant to be replaced by a clerk.
meditations typed on adding machine paper and composed in unrhymed couplets divided into cantos, their differences are noteworthy.
Since he had taken college courses in calculus and advanced topology, the counselor, who gave praise in the "overloud voice the health-care industry reserves to its most degrading compliments," had him add up a bunch of numbers on an adding machine.
In The Adding Machine (1923), Rice adapted techniques from German Expressionist theater.
This could include adding machine calibration and maintenance schedules, process validation and optimization, q-c sampling plans, and modeling techniques for validating part or mold design.
By inserting a wooden drawer beneath an adding machine in 1921, J.
Maturity, 1986, shows an old-fashioned adding machine which has been uselessly furnished with a ridiculously narrow spool of paper: impotency.
The CAD model of the finished part can be split along the parting line before scaling up, adding machine stock, core prints, etc.
lt;IR> ELMER RICE </IR> , The Adding Machine (1923); and <IR> TENNESSEE WILLIAMS </IR> , Camino Real (1953).
Rice is best remembered for the expressionistic The Adding Machine (1923) and for the realistic Street Scene.