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The Daily Record wrote that a 'source close to the talks' told them: "Klopp has ruled out another straightforward loan but Rangers hope the additional clause, which would turn it into a permanent move at a future date, might help swing the deal in their favour."
"Klopp has ruled out another loan but Rangers hope the additional clause, which would turn it into a permanent move at a future date, might help swing the deal in their favour.
To ensure this, the Government intend to include an additional clause within existing contracts, in an agreed manner, which would obligate the main contractor or main supplier to pay to its sub-contractor or sub-supplier within 30 days too.
This includes power of search and entry of buildings, imposition of controls on any property, seizure of assets, restriction of movement, and "arrest of persons suspected of involvement in any emergency-related crime." In an extraordinary additional clause, the forces are provided with "any other powers deemed necessary by the President of the Republic", which essentially gives the President, and the forces carte blanche.
Heather Steans introduced a similar bill, with an additional clause that banned lawmakers from negotiating for future lobbying employment during their term.
Soo urged the state government to repudiate the Petroleum Development Act (PDA) and Territorial Sea Act in the State Legislative Assembly and to propose to Parliament that both Acts be provided with additional clause to exclude Sarawak.
Amawi has held a contract with Pflugerville Independent School District - the body which oversees schools in and around Texas state capital Austin - for almost ten years, but upon renewing her contract in August discovered an additional clause had been inserted into the paperwork.
Despite adding additional clause, AJK businessmen were facing problems in business transactions as they were not in the active tax payer list of FBR.
Freedom of association cherished in Article 17 of new order contains an additional clause which is not obligatory for the citizens of Pakistan under Article 17 of CoP whereby the persons or political parties of Gilgit-Baltistan are restrained to take part in activities prejudicial or detrimental to the ideology of Pakistan.
Teachers also demanded removal of the additional clause under which only those teachers and non-teaching staff would be elected from the senate to its syndicate that were not employees of the relevant university.
"However, in the case of Riverside House, the planning committee made the decision to insert an additional clause into the planning consent, making it a requirement to re-run the viability clause when the development is nearing completion.
Summary: Riyadh [Saudi Arabia], October 1 (ANI): Marriage contracts in Saudi Arabia are expected to see an additional clause included after women in the Kingdom were granted the right to drive.

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