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Part of industrial giant GE, GE Additive was formed last year and includes additive machine providers Concept Laser and ArcamEBM, additive material provider AP&C and additive service provider to the medical sector, DTI.
Another additive, Citrus Red 2, is a carcinogen, according to CSPI.
300, making the additive suitable for use in compounds which have food contact.
Custom color matching and additive concentrates available.
Two combinations of additives stunted neurite growth: Quinoline Yellow paired with aspartame, and Brilliant Blue paired with L-glutamatic acid.
Some of the benefits then and now for this treatment include reduced broke spots, minimizing broke deposits, lower retention aid costs, improved sizing efficiencies, better save all operation, improved biological control, fewer process charge swings, lower entrained air levels, and better dry strength additive efficiency.
The group's findings suggest that an aluminum engine would need an additive that can form networks at low pressures.
Rheology modifiers and plasticizers were found to be the largest volume additives, each representing nearly 20% of the additive poundage tallied in the study.
The additive reduced the amount of non-productive dead clay in the system by 14% and the average moisture sponge percentage dropped from 3.
The Solae logo appears prominently on product labels that contain the additive, and brand managers have worked hard to build awareness among influential consumers, among them, fitness buffs.
Automotive end uses accounted for the majority of lubricant additive demand in 1999, although growth in consumption for this market will be below average.
While some consumer groups cry foul when it comes to additive health hazards, few scientific studies confirm the concern, Newgent claims.