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In maize, dominant and additive gene actions were reported for grain yield but dominance effects were mentioned to be more important.
Significant additive gene action was found in all populations in the genetic study, suggesting that later family selection for resistance should be more efficient.
However, GCA mean squares were larger than SCA for majority traits and assumed that additive gene action controlled the inheritance, and therefore, simple selection can be made for improvement in early segregating generations.
The said trait was controlled by both additive and non-additive gene actions, however, due to prominent GCA the variable was inclined to additive gene action.
For additive gene action, results from simulation agreed with Robertson's (1960) infinitesimal model predictions (Table 2).
Additive gene action with partial dominance for 1000 grain weight has earlier been reported by Hanchinal (1994) Singh et al.
Both additive as well as non- additive gene actions were present at the interplay of genetic control of leaf rolling parameter in maize as duly proved by the significance of D H1 and H2 under normal conditions.
These results indicated that additive gene action was most frequent for resistance to 1ECB, but partial dominance was also present.
If there was one allele for elevated palmitate and additive gene action was expressed, a 1:2:1 ratio would be expected for the three classes.
Furthermore, importance of non- additive gene action has also been observed in self- pollinated crops.
The small d/a ratios in Tables 4 and 5 indicated that additive gene action was most important for WI.