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This is seen by the large "batch" and "family" variances and small additive genetic variances at ages 10, 21, and 27 mo (Table 3).
The high additive genetic variance, heritability and repeatability estimates obtained here suggested the possibility of improving LY, IY, PY, and YD by genetic selection.
Ju (2001) investigated the reduction of additive genetic variance while simulating various selection methods for Hanwoo cattle.
Low heritability of litter size in Baluchi sheep indicates that additive genetic variance is not a major component of the phenotypic variance.
Random additive genetic effects were assumed to have mean zero and variance-covariance matrix equal to the matrix of additive relationships times the additive genetic variance for accumulated 305-day milk yield.
2]]e are direct additive genetic variance, maternal additive genetic variance, maternal permanent environmental variance and residual variance, respectively.