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This is seen by the large "batch" and "family" variances and small additive genetic variances at ages 10, 21, and 27 mo (Table 3).
Therefore, the similarities in twins reared together showed similar phenotypic intelligence due to additive genetic variance to the tune of 89.
o]), path coefficient 1, represents the square root of the fraction of the total phenotypic variance in the trait of interest [Mathematical Expression Omitted] that is determined by the direct additive genetic variance [Mathematical Expression Omitted], whereas the path coefficient 2 represents the proportion accounted for by random environmental variance ([Mathematical Expression Omitted]).
Furthermore, high heritability combined with high expected genetic advance proved the involvement of additive genetic variance, therefore simple selection may be effective for improvement of these traits.
In other words, additive genetic variance rates in females are increasingly greater than those in males as from the second biometry, providing a ratio between increasing variances.