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Those thinking additively initially did not keep the ratio of the side lengths equal to one; instead, they increased only one dimension of the rhombus.
John Burrow (center), deputy assistant Secretary of the Navy for research, development, test and evaluation, on additively manufactured U.
0]) are additively decomposable, which allows analyzing the between- and within-group inequality components.
Similar to the benefits of modularity, the rapid fielding of additively manufactured, attritable, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) has the potential to reduce development time and save money while implementing new technology.
The additively manufactured sand core tool was able to be produced as one part and improved yield from 12 percent to more than 99 percent, while also reducing the manufacturing lead time by 70 percent.
Human milk inactivates pathogens individually, additively, and synergistically.
We're going to outline a process by which you can qualify some of the really complex geometry additively manufactured components," he said.
It should be noted that there is quite a pronounced difference between using non-standard units and additively determining the size of an object, and reading a scale from an instrument to determine its size.
Health and non-health care consumption enter the utility function as additively separable arguments, permitting an intuitive treatment of how families trade them against each other.
Collectively, we need to focus on developing the functionality--such as creating a rapid and repeatable process for the qualification of additively manufactured parts--that allows us to leverage private capital investments in the development of new manufacturing capabilities by companies of all sizes in our defense industrial base.
Trombetta, M (2011), "Load adaptive scaffold architecturing: A Bioinspired Approch to the design of porous additively manufactured scaffolds with optimized mechanical properties", Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Vo 1.
M2 PHARMA-September 9, 2015-Arcam's Chinese customer receives CFDA approval for additively manufactured orthopaedic implant