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However, the HSM explains more thoroughly how people can engage in both systematic and heuristic modes concurrently including additivity, attenuation, and contrast hypotheses.
Relative to the GEAD, the CSLS decomposition sacrifices exact additivity in exchange for the elimination of price effects and a different (and in our view more sensible) apportionment of the aggregate effect of resource reallocation across industries.
It should be noted that additivity coefficients given in Table 2 according to [6] represent the estimated coefficients for the relevant physical and chemical characteristics of glass (glaze).
Outcome additivity, elemental processing and blocking in human causality judgments.
Plotka, On lineability and additivity of functions with finite preimages, J.
Thus, it can be concluded that, the results were clearly compatible with additivity of grouping principles in the Similar strength group, as proposed in Luna and Montoro (2011).
o] varies, the bilinearity test still responds appropriately, in that it reports perfect multiplicativity when it should do so because all (in this illustration, both) subjects are multiplying, while the additivity test of transformed responses does not.
specular gloss and DOI), a new parameter we chose to call "absence of orange peel" (AOP) was first derived before the execution of the principle of additivity in order to derive a general index for geometric appearance.
Discrete quantitative variables (from counting data) were tested by the General Linear Model procedure, namely: additivity by analysis of covariance of the squared predicted values; normality through the Univariate procedure, with the W statistics (Shapiro-Wilk), the homogeneity of variance by Bartlett's test.
The systematic constraints, which are common to every model built using CLF, consist of a version of Finite Additivity and the Ratio Formula given above.
Applying the additivity lemma successively with l, [m.
Use of decimal assay for additivity to demonstrate synergy in pair combinations of econazole, nikkomycin Z, and ibuprofen against Candida albicans in vitro.