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My invitation to speak in Atlanta stipulated that I was to confine my address to five minutes.
I spoke for fifteen or twenty minutes, and was surprised at the close of my address to receive the hearty congratulations of the Georgia committee and of the members of Congress who were present.
The opening paragraph of our Address to the Emperor was framed as follows:
I never was so tired of any one phrase as the sailors made me of the opening sentence of the Address to the Emperor of Russia.
Her address to me was so gentle, frank, and even affectionate, that, if I had not known how much she has always disliked me for marrying Mr.
And Jerry, less by sound and syllable than by what of their hearts vibrated in their throats, soon learned to know himself by any name they chose to address to him.
None of that interesting Sensibility or amiable simpathy in her manners and Address to me when we first met which should have distinguished our introduction to each other.
In two days he had received an answer, informing him that the horse-dealer had been called to England by the illness of a relative, and that he had hitherto failed to send any address to which his letters could be forwarded.
The hotel clerk handed her into a taximeter cab, and gave the address to the driver.
By associating the currently assigned IP address to a unique MAC address, data can be sent from any computer connected to the Internet directly to a specific machine.
A globally unique, location-independent identifier: Using a content address to address the content results in a location independent reference to the content.
Generally, a taxpayer's last known address means the address to which the IRS reasonably believes--in light of all the circumstances--the taxpayer wishes the notice to be sent.

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