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Panormita, assuming the subservient social position, begins with elaborate praise of the addressee, emphasizing his suave ingenium, doctrinam, and animi virtutes.
Contextual parameters contribute to specifying the intended meaning and allow deriving the implicit part by means of a reasoning schema along the following lines: if the speaker is alone and he does not want to be alone, then he is asking the addressee to stay with him or to find someone who bears his company.
In cases where the verb points to the addressee as the beneficiary of the action (cf.
Preceded by an introduction and followed by the editor's note, Part 3 contains biographies of the addressees, exhaustive footnotes, illustrations, and indices.
Communicate in context, with every meeting and every memo containing both organizational elements and local elements, so that addressees know how the new information will affect them.
Onesimus is cast as an individual whose current value is distinctly different from his former (known) value, which was familiar to the addressees of the letter.
For addressees, all documents are accessible, except those designated as "internal documents" and "business secrets and other confidential information": internal documents are those of the Commission and documents exchanged between the Commission and other public authorities; "business secrets" refers to information about a company's business whose disclosure could result in serious harm to that company.
In the interim, addressees shall use the procedures set forth in Enclosure Two, which have an effective date of January 1, 2005.
Officials said the addressees will be contacted and their mail will be delivered.
The software, dubbed Mailcon, will eliminate the work of individually keeping track of replies from different addressees, the officials said.
In what follows I overview these ways with reference to how argumentation may pressure addressees to accept an argument's conclusion.