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To present, offer, bring forward, or introduce.

For example, a bill of particulars that lists each of the plaintiff's demands may recite that it contains all the evidence to be adduced at trial.


verb  advance, allege, allude, assert, assign, aver, bring to the fore, claim, declare, disclose, divulge, evidence, evince, furnish, give, indicate, manifest, mention, offer, place in the foreground, plead, present, produce, producere, proferre, proffer, reveal, show, state
Associated concepts: adduce evidence, adduce testimony
See also: allege, depose, mention, proffer, quote, rationalize, refer, testify
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136) Therefore, concerns that s 51A will reverse the onus of proof in criminal proceedings provide no additional support for interpreting s 51A(2) as merely requiring the representor to adduce evidence.
This is another case in which the Minister failed to adduce any evidence other than that elicited through cross-examination of the appellant's witnesses.
Mr Justice McCloskey said: "The plaintiffs will seek to adduce further evidence and may wish to initiate new proceedings as the fund of evidence becomes more extensive.
Turning to classical models again, we may adduce passages that feature Hippolytus, a notorious example of sexual frigidity, as he is "brought to life" by an exotic dancer, namely, Ovid, Amores 2.
On a more serious note, Jinga also adduces evidence to show that a Romanian migrant wave to the UK is far from being likely.
Thus, he adduces usages picked from somewhat obscure plays, or at least texts that are not often remembered or anthologized: Euripides' The Children of Hercules would be one good example among many (p.
explicitly adduces the notion of the church as communion as a "guiding concept" for understanding current ecumenical discussions on ecclesiology and as a lodestone for future work.
Some of the damning evidence he adduces is from conservatives themselves, who confess to playing up the liberal charge for partisan political advantage.
As in the work of art, no ulterior reality hides behind the form: the form, totally manifest, adduces its own evidential power.
Finally, the article adduces arguments for loanwords from South Sulawesi languages in Malagasy (author's abstract).
Deskis adduces a very large range of analogues; since most of these date from after Beowulf's manuscript date there is no real scope for source study.
Bertsch's book on Arribas, Oscar Tusquets adduces the tradition of apprenticeship for Catalan architects who prefer to work in some admired architect's studio, and if the opportunity arises do a little work of their own, `however modest it may be: bars, boutiques or private interiors'.