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To present, offer, bring forward, or introduce.

For example, a bill of particulars that lists each of the plaintiff's demands may recite that it contains all the evidence to be adduced at trial.


verb  advance, allege, allude, assert, assign, aver, bring to the fore, claim, declare, disclose, divulge, evidence, evince, furnish, give, indicate, manifest, mention, offer, place in the foreground, plead, present, produce, producere, proferre, proffer, reveal, show, state
Associated concepts: adduce evidence, adduce testimony
See also: allege, depose, mention, proffer, quote, rationalize, refer, testify
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On the other, Esposito adduces earlier comments by Buchanan which are indisputably unfriendly to Islam without making an attempt to resolve the discrepancy.
It is the texts and words of the Quran that we must adduce for establishing the authenticity of so-called pre-Islamic poetry, rather than adducing this poetry [to establish the linguistic authority] of the Quran".
He seeks to explain the meaning of the theistic claim that "God created the world" (2) and to adduce compelling reasons for concluding that this claim, properly understood, is true.
In our judgment the evidence of the four expert witnesses is capable of belief, it may afford a ground for allowing these appeals; there is a reasonable explanation for the failure to adduce the evidence in those proceedings.
Illustrious names are to be invoked cautiously, but which contemporaries could I adduce for comparable conviction, concentration, refinement, or strangeness?
There might be reasons for arguing this view again (although Iwasaki does not adduce any), but scholars have generally assumed that the Caligula and Otho MSS were rough contemporaries (and of c.
Nonetheless, the layman should recall Malevich's statement that "although it was my idea to adduce white-on-white abstraction, .
If the taxpayer's evidence is sufficient to rebut the Minister's facts, the onus will shift to the Minister to adduce further evidence in support of the assessment.
The problem with Boswell's argument is that ultimately he is able to adduce little evidence that support for the PCF was indeed 'new wine in new bottles'.
does not adduce tools that even approach some of the questions the scientific thinkers she criticizes struggle with.
In a statement yesterday solicitors Bindman and Partners said, ``At the conclusion of the hearing in the Court of Appeal, the court agreed that there was a point of law of general public importance, namely the question of whether or not it is permissible for the prosecution to adduce new evidence which is not specifically related to new evidence on behalf of the defence.
Whether or not the meaning of the text seems clear, it is always helpful to adduce evidence of how the drafters of the Bill of Rights would have understood a particular provision's language.