adduce evidence

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23 of the Rules of Court, the accused may adduce evidence in their defense, or in the alternative, they may file a demurrer to evidence without leave of court,' they added.
However, Mangila failed to adduce evidence explaining where he got the money to finance these multiple foreign travels.
Justice Moroka said the prosecution had a duty to adduce evidence which supported its case adding that the state was careful to exclude the reasonable possibility of someone tampering with either the contents of the secret tape recorder or the CD.
Orengo told court only four witnesses will adduce evidence against Kidero and the overloading of the charge is oppressive.
figure By MACHARIA MWANGI The blame game between the Judiciary and the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji over evidence presented in court is likely to cease after the two institutions agreed to close ranks in the fight against graft.Chief Justice David Maraga, addressing the media on Thursday during a meeting of the National Council on Administration of Justice (NCAJ) at the Enashipai Hotel in Naivasha, said it was the prerogative of the DPP to adduce evidence before courts.
" "The prosecution may move for partial reconsideration of the decision and insist that it was able to adduce evidence showing that the accused are liable to pay P185M as discussed in the dissenting opinion," Fajardo added.
Lesson #2: Adduce Evidence at the Earliest Stage Possible with the Most Reliable Expert(s) Available
The report states: "You made a request that the hearing of your case be held wholly in private on the grounds that you wish to adduce evidence concerning your health, which you consider is linked to your fitness to practise."
The court held that the prosecution failed to adduce evidence to substantiate the 15 counts preferred against Saraki.
As a continuation of this study we intend to use the data from other blocks to do a confirmatory factor analysis to adduce evidence of construct validity for this instrument.
Taco Bell Corp., corporate sellers and retailers argued that in the context of the TCPA, plaintiffs must adduce evidence that the purported principal had the right to control "the manner and means" of the marketing conduct over which the plaintiff had sued.