adduce evidence

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The DOJ, in weighing in on the case, said that the "[c]omplainants also failed to adduce evidence to support a finding of probable cause for all the charges against respondents Divina and Capilli, in their respective capacities as dean and faculty secretary of the UST Faculty of Civil Law.
Judge Omondi noted the petitioners had failed to adduce evidence to convince the court to cancel the results of the poll.
He did not produce any witness before this court to adduce evidence on the same.
The report states: "You made a request that the hearing of your case be held wholly in private on the grounds that you wish to adduce evidence concerning your health, which you consider is linked to your fitness to practise.
The court held that the prosecution failed to adduce evidence to substantiate the 15 counts preferred against Saraki.
Objectives: This study was conducted to adduce evidence of validity for admissions tests and processes and for identifying a parsimonious model that predicts students' academic achievement in Medical College.
As a continuation of this study we intend to use the data from other blocks to do a confirmatory factor analysis to adduce evidence of construct validity for this instrument.
The accused may adduce evidence to destroy the presumption.
The OMB dismissed Vladimir's defense that the check represented a loan, ruling that he "failed to adduce evidence to support his claim.
corporate sellers and retailers argued that in the context of the TCPA, plaintiffs must adduce evidence that the purported principal had the right to control "the manner and means" of the marketing conduct over which the plaintiff had sued.
As for the extra PS21,000, again, she never put in a proper claim said the judge and added that Mr Bottomley suffered "real prejudice" by not being able to adduce evidence in opposition.
Furthermore, an employer must adduce evidence to show that the employer has suffered direct and actual financial loss as a result of the employee's breach of the post-termination restrictions.