adduce evidence

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51 of 1977) of South Africa, stating it is an Act that only applies to serious violent crimes enumerated in its Schedule 6, For instance, in premeditated murder, an accused is required to adduce evidence that satisfies the court that exceptional circumstances exist, which in the interest of justice, permits their release on bail.
As for the extra PS21,000, again, she never put in a proper claim said the judge and added that Mr Bottomley suffered "real prejudice" by not being able to adduce evidence in opposition.
The Court of Appeal makes it very clear that a court is not an inquirer and that it is the duty of the person who alleges that a customary marriage existed to adduce evidence of that marriage.
The prosecution has been able to adduce evidence through its witnesses that at the time of shooting of the deceased, Anand Mohan was at the spot and was exhorting Bhutkun Shukla to shoot at the deceased,'' a bench presided over by justice A.
He added: "I am baffled as to why no effort was taken to see what evidence could have been drawn from bank cards that were found with the accused, or from the digital camera or the computer to help support the case against him and to adduce evidence if there has been no improper transaction.
Local authorities and individual objectors repeatedly fail to adduce evidence of harm at formal hearings.
7, the court reversed the trial court's denial of summary judgment motions filed by several defendants on the ground that Hawkins had failed to adduce evidence giving rise to a triable issue (with respect to the claims against them).
Mr Murphy said the submission of no case to answer was made "on the basis that the prosecution had failed to adduce evidence capable of establishing that the appellant OVERDOSE: died at her owed a duty of care to the deceased".
According to the filing, "Given Rothschild's and Davina's dearth of evidence to date, the Court can properly order them to submit to an evidentiary hearing and adduce evidence supporting both the alleged merits of their claims and any alleged irreparable harm.
The book is divided into five groups of chapters, each taking us 'Beyond' something, and beginning with 'Beyond London' with essays that are of particular interest in that they draw on the series 'Records of Early English Drama' to adduce evidence of performance by women in Lincolnshire, York, Lancashire, and Gloucestershire.
Here Renshon might have drawn on the example of George and George, who identify alternative interpretations of Woodrow Wilson's motivations and adduce evidence to choose among them.
Those who lean left can adduce evidence of their own to suggest that kids today are good little progressives.