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To present, offer, bring forward, or introduce.

For example, a bill of particulars that lists each of the plaintiff's demands may recite that it contains all the evidence to be adduced at trial.


verb  advance, allege, allude, assert, assign, aver, bring to the fore, claim, declare, disclose, divulge, evidence, evince, furnish, give, indicate, manifest, mention, offer, place in the foreground, plead, present, produce, producere, proferre, proffer, reveal, show, state
Associated concepts: adduce evidence, adduce testimony
See also: allege, depose, mention, proffer, quote, rationalize, refer, testify
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Rather, provided the representor adduces some evidence that they had reasonable grounds for making the representation, the deeming provision will not operate.
He believes that the tower reflected a shift in emphasis on height from secular to religious contexts and was introduced in Baghdad in the early ninth century - a not unreasonable hypothesis but one for which he has been able to adduce no direct evidence.
343-4, adduces only one parallel that does not concern Rufinus himself: it refers to a centaur (V.
Failure by the Western media to convey the reasons which Islamic activists themselves adduce for their antipathy to America (neo-imperialism, favoritism of Israel, and support for such repressive regimes as the Shah's Iran and Numeiri's Sudan) is for Esposito especially regrettable.
Raven adduces evidence from so many imaginative works - there are some 225 listed in his bibliography - that one gets very little sense of those things we are accustomed to savour in eighteenth-century prose fiction (e.
Yet, as Sullivan insists, merchants were surely interested in the theater; apart from the evidence she adduces (including the city companies' sponsorship of entertainments, 124), one might also note Thomas Mun's elaborate reference to Dr.
First the author adduces evidence for the standard view from Maimonides's positions on perfected and imperfected human beings, and from his discussions of immortality, morality, providence, prophecy, and the distinction between humans and animals.
Alexander adduces several examples of black women framed by police in particularly egregious ways - one was committed after having been "caught" talking late one night with a white man - and argues that despite well-publicized critiques of police overzealousness, particularly with respect to African American women, entrapment became accepted policy.
The reason Piepho adduces for the edition's popularity was economic: Badius' mass-printed text proved more affordable for classroom use than a competing edition published by Vanrentinus at Toulouse.
In an effort to be objective, Weinberg adduces a complex, but far from clear, argument.
He adduces the Italians Palladio and Alberti, and also the Englishmen William Thomas and Thomas Coryat, in his survey of attitudes towards gardens, and then applies this historical evidence to Shakespeare's use of urban and extra-urban gardens, particularly in Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice.
Carroll contends that there are more Saints and more apparitions, iconographical traditions and titles of the Madonna in Italy than in other Catholic areas which he adduces to a "tendency of the Italian Catholic mind" (66).