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To present, offer, bring forward, or introduce.

For example, a bill of particulars that lists each of the plaintiff's demands may recite that it contains all the evidence to be adduced at trial.


verb  advance, allege, allude, assert, assign, aver, bring to the fore, claim, declare, disclose, divulge, evidence, evince, furnish, give, indicate, manifest, mention, offer, place in the foreground, plead, present, produce, producere, proferre, proffer, reveal, show, state
Associated concepts: adduce evidence, adduce testimony
See also: allege, depose, mention, proffer, quote, rationalize, refer, testify
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Two reasons are adducible for these noticeable cognitive difficulties: lack of understanding of what is taught due to lack of mastery of the language, English; and problem of communicating their thought even when they understood the question(s) posed.
How mental proclivities lead to universal myths, a striking example of differential interest not adducible to chance or cultural exchange, is the major underexplored potential for biopoetics.
A public philosophy (or "public reason"; Rawls 1993, 212-54) must involve "publicly adducible reasons or grounds" (Beiner 1983, 8); it must present "public purposes publicly arrived at" (Barber 1986, 61).