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Two reasons adducible to this predominance include i) Controlled Cropping - Unpublished reports said that in controlled cropping of the monkey in recent year by the Malaysia's Department of Wildlife and National Parks almost 250000 monkeys were killed (Schweitzer 2014: Sha etal.
Two reasons are adducible for these noticeable cognitive difficulties: lack of understanding of what is taught due to lack of mastery of the language, English; and problem of communicating their thought even when they understood the question(s) posed.
This disillusioning predicament, a right-libertarian nightmare which will culminate in her trial and execution, recalls cultural theorist Andrew Hewitt quoting Walter Benjamin: "One of the fundamental rights and demands of the workers is the right to be represented and reproduced," and to deny them this "narcissistic" satisfaction is to reduce their desire to the very, rhetorical function otherwise attributed to the narcissistic register itself, and in turn to incite a truly perverse desire, a desire for lack, dissatisfaction, repression, even bodily mutilation and dismemberment--in essence, a desire for self-destruction or-effacement easily adducible to rationalizing murder and genocide.