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To present, offer, bring forward, or introduce.

For example, a bill of particulars that lists each of the plaintiff's demands may recite that it contains all the evidence to be adduced at trial.


verb  advance, allege, allude, assert, assign, aver, bring to the fore, claim, declare, disclose, divulge, evidence, evince, furnish, give, indicate, manifest, mention, offer, place in the foreground, plead, present, produce, producere, proferre, proffer, reveal, show, state
Associated concepts: adduce evidence, adduce testimony
See also: allege, depose, mention, proffer, quote, rationalize, refer, testify
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159) Rather, such defendants should merely be required to bear an evidential onus, that is, the onus of adducing evidence of the existence of reasonable grounds.
In his February 26 column in The Nation, he made the ultimate Herrenvolk move in adducing the Confederate secession as an exemplary assertion of popular sovereignty.
press suggesting that Colonel Qaddafi was in bad shape, adducing sex as evidence in a manner that would have entranced Foucault.
He argues, for instance, that Pyramus and Thisbe copies Ovid in presenting a metamorphosis, adducing Pyramus's lines, "Now I am dead,.
Examining the anonymous Italian and German versions in relation to each other and to the Latin original, Balbiani handily discards the common supposition that Della Porta was his own first translator by adducing Italian misreadings of Latin passages rendered correctly in German, clarifying ambiguities and attesting the search for common technical terms in the evolution of Europea n scientific discourse.