adept practitioner

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Members receive six DVD sessions a year, one every two months, that feature personalized, in-depth encounters with an adept practitioner of the healing arts.
However, for the discerning operations- or logistics-oriented reader, this book richly describes the machinery of supplying war at the strategic and operational levels from the viewpoint of an adept practitioner.
From its mature adept practitioner programme, which helps retired social workers in returning to work, to awarding generous student bursaries, you can be assured that Reed Social Care will be with you every step of the way throughout your social work career.
The most adept practitioner of the art was the Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa.
By training them to become adept practitioners, many graduates have gone to fill top posts in Korea and abroad, including Ethiopia's Minister of Construction Ambachew Mekonnen.
Starting with the well-recognized premise that American legal education cranks out more legal thinkers than adept practitioners, these two career guides mix brutal honesty with humor to guide new associates through everything from dealing with partners to figuring out the art of rainmaking.
Provincial towns in the ambit of La Rochelle gained the dubious distinction of harboring many adept practitioners of the nouement among clergy and laity.