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Don't worry too much about Damien Duff at left-back either as he has filled the role adeptly for both Chelsea and Newcastle.
Pollan adeptly analyzes "our national eating disorder"--cyclical food faddism, overeating, and guilt--from political, agricultural, anthropological, and evolutionary psychological perspectives.
In both cases, the visitor is treated to an experiential journey, not only through time, but also in space and light, adeptly choreographed by UN Studio.
Mosley adeptly shows that no one is immune to life's fluctuating circumstances.
Diving into the cool, clear waters the robin-sized MARBLED MURRELET (Brachyramphus marmoratus marmoratus) swims adeptly using her strong wings like fins.
Underlying Irvin's personal narrative is the concept of the social model of disability, which Irvin never names, but adeptly describes as: "it is not the disability itself that handicaps us," but the people that "do not see us as capable (p.
MARCUS MILLER demonstrates his enormous multiple talents on SILVER RAIN (Koch Records), and adeptly demonstrates why he is considered one of the great all-around talents in the music business today.
The Bush administration, too long absent from a meaningful role, is now handling matters adeptly.
It is hoped that any subsequent action is dealt with adeptly and effectively.
The author adeptly tracks the transformation of family and sexual arrangements that accompanied the agrarian reform's massive redistribution of land and its political mobilization of the rural poor.
BACs adeptly incorporate chunks of introduced DNA from other species, which are preserved and duplicated along with the BACs.