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He has also demonstrated adeptness at balancing schedules and resourcing demands for projects with shifting scope and strict deadline requirements.
LM: The work you've exhibited reveals your interest and adeptness in handling materials; how do you feel the church fabric itself played into that?
More than just showing that there's a whole wealth of female fiction writers beyond the poets of the Soviet period, this anthology also shows their adeptness at presenting multiple voices: women and men, young and old, urban and rural.
After just several months on the job, his adeptness was apparent.
His strong links in the Middle East, knowledge of the region and his adeptness at handling construction matters, make him a solid addition to our practice.
Seesawing with uncanny adeptness between facetiousness and earnestness," reflects the Washington Post, "[Moore] keeps readers slightly off balance as she works her way through moving portraits of vulnerability, awkwardness, resignation and melancholic fortitude.
Predictive of success were adeptness with the "soft skills" of leadership, humility, collaboration and loving to learn and re-learn.
Hearing it, the Irish wrestler displayed his signature move-- brogue kick-- with adeptness and agility.
Khan, Qayyum Rashid do have the competence and adeptness to hit perfect shots on the par 3's but getting the ball into the hole is not something that can be controlled and accomplishing a hole in one does need some wholesome divine support.
Both companies will exploit their strengths of market reach and technology adeptness to render excellence in customer service.
The 1st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC) special troops battalion (STB) is a dynamic organization that executes its challenging mission through adeptness and flexibility.
The 16-year-old from the Secondary Technical School (STS) in Fujairah was one of the 425 students who showcased their adeptness at the Emirates Skills 2013 National Competition on Tuesday.