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Technical adeptness and fortitude to complete the mission do not solely define engineer Soldiers these days.
With a certain adeptness, it takes a bit extra from the parent to embrace it and let that talent flourish.
England identified Dernbach, ahead of Chris Woakes among the other likely candidates to replace Shahzad, because of his adeptness with changes of pace which they hope will prove invaluable in the knockout stages of this sub-continental World Cup.
Summary: A glance at the resume of Lebanon's new Maronite patriarch reveals a supreme adeptness for matters both spiritual and legal.
They largely perform based upon their perceptions of personal adeptness rather than luck, random change, or other external factors.
Even when a yellow card seemed inevitable, referee Marius Jonker refused to fill the sin-bin, leaving Ferris to admire and resent their adeptness at spoiling in equal measure.
Businesses that don't listen to or speak with customers are missing an opportunity to demonstrate adeptness and vision.
Thomas has continued to demonstrate adeptness at handling challenging operational requirements and improving financial returns," said Ahmed Bin Ham Musalam, vice president City Seasons Group of Hotels.
Despite the adeptness with which Beachy writes Potter's voice, there are moments when details slip and depth lies unplumbed: When, for example, Potter tracks Ian's mother to the cult where she now resides and he somehow ends up in bed with her, we are left wondering about the cult, about the mother's grave decisions, about the physical attraction that never really announces itself.
Designed a dramatized autobiography, the story of Leadbelly is told, from his early roots to how his adeptness at music freed him from prison.
Emotional intelligence is the capacity for self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and adeptness in relationships.
When the situation demanded almost inhuman detachment from the world snapping at his heels, Fallon was equal to the task; when it asked for superhuman strength and tactical adeptness, he did not fall short.