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NEW YORK--Quality products, technical know-how and an adeptness at mass marketing have made Bristol-Myers Products (a division of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.) a household name for years.
Louisa Adamss story is one of political adeptness and support of her husbands ambition to become U.S.
Like a new skill, learning your emotions requires your adeptness in the ABCs of feelings.
"It will be a showcase of our students' adeptness and readiness in times of fire and other emergencies," said BFP - Roxas City Public Information Officer FO3 Marlon Garbo.
Julie Gareleck, Junction CEO and Managing Partner, commented, “The acquisition is a testament to Daveenia's leadership and adeptness in developing a strategy and executing against it.
Pakistan, despite its low income, seems to be most ready for 3G and other broadband applications because of its subscribers agility and adeptness in using their mobile phones for data applications.
Kearneys adeptness at depicting these persons without falling into familiar language will leave readers wishing for more lines like Its Friday night and youve got a full bar three deep / and every seat taken the five Miller brothers filling / the corner by the jukebox singing along to Take / it Easy and waving for another round of ponies.
It was at Milton Keynes that the popular Taylor - who will be remembered as a hands-on trainer of the old school and was renowned for a special adeptness with young greyhounds - enjoyed some of her finest successes.
His go forward and adeptness at off-loading the ball was good to see.
Her adeptness at humor leavens this film's tragic scenes, while not diluting thema tough directorial feat to pull off!
Such a school must know the limits of available materials, and have adeptness on how to utilize these for the learners' intellectual growth.
"The adeptness to make available a business dais that delivers a foreseeable and vibrant milieu for amplified transaction quantity is vital to business success," said Dennis Astor, project head.