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Sufficient; equal to what is required; suitable to the case or occasion.

A law that requires Public Utilities to provide adequate service does not create a right for customers to sue the electric company whenever the meat in their freezers spoils because of a power outage in the absence of Negligence. Service does not have to be perfect in order to meet a standard of adequacy.


adjective able, acceptable, ample, aptus, capable, commensurate, effectual, enough, equal to the need, fair, fit, fully sufficient, idoneus, proportionate, reasonable, reasonably sufficient, satisfactory, satisfying, serving, sufficient, sufficient for the purpose, sufficing, suitable, valid
Associated concepts: adequate administrative review, adeeuate care, adequate cause, adequate consideration, adeeuate notice, adequate remedy at law, adequate support, fair and adequate consideration
See also: ample, capable, commensurate, competent, efficient, fair, fit, functional, habitable, mediocre, operative, prima facie, proficient, qualified, sciential, suitable, unobjectionable
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Other courts have adopted more reasoned approaches to whether guaranties provide adequate protection.
It is necessary to provide adequate and precise information on purchase orders.
But if you can't exercise or move at all," she says, "then be sure to take adequate liquids and a fiber-rich diet.
Austin of the hearing date and outlined the reasons for the summary revocation, provided adequate notice of the hearing date.
Patients with left-sided colon or rectal cancer had a significant, 50% lower likelihood of receiving adequate lymph node evaluation than those with right-sided colon cancer.
2036(a) does not apply if the transfer was for flail and adequate consideration.
The court rejected the retained interest application to the FLP because the transfer was within the exception of fair and adequate consideration and refused to impose the retained interest doctrine to the LLC under IRC Sec.
The NASD has more than adequate existing suitability regulations that apply to variable-annuity sales, said Carl Wilkerson, vice president and chief counsel for the ACLI.
Equally important, the companies represented by TEI's membership know that to be successful, they must plan ahead and ensure that adequate resources are devoted to core functions such as customer service and employee training.
To protect their clients from unforeseen penalties and disallowed deductions, CPAs should understand the IRS's statutory right to request substantiation of income and expenses, the records the taxpayer is required to keep and the consequences to the taxpayer of failing to keep adequate records.