adequate resources

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She had refused assistance from her husband, she had no adequate resources of her own, she was a friendless, degraded woman--from what source should she derive help but from the source at which report pointed--Sir Percival Glyde?
1 million of its own bonds, again holding adequate resources for this need.
Also, the quality of the prosecution and the defense matter enormously, and it is why efforts must be taken to ensure adequate resources for effective representation for all, rich and poor alike.
What the agency does lack is adequate resources to carry out its mission.
The city and surrounding areas continue to experience population growth, which has resulted in taxing effort being shifted to the operating levy to provide adequate resources for general fund services.
We believe Fleer's current cash position and its anticipated cash flow from operations provide it with adequate resources to meet expected working capital and capital expenditure requirements for the immediate future, as well as funding for the repurchase program and the dividend increase announced today.
Global, national, and local healthcare authorities and providers will need to educate themselves on the risks of pandemic influenza, and lead the way in efforts to assure that adequate resources are focused upon measures that will optimize preparedness for such an event.
Pennsylvania continues to maintain its debt at a level that does not overburden the state's fully adequate resources.
To have adequate resources during our high season, we needed to maintain an internal EDI system and staffing levels at these peak levels year-round.
The corporate philanthropy program was created in response to the funding challenges that have left many volunteer and paid fire departments without adequate resources.
On January 1, 2003, due to a lack of funds, the Company was forced to suspend those research and development activities and, moreover, had no funds with which to devote adequate resources to maintain its Exchange Act filings with the Commission.
We believe that we have adequate resources available in the form of cash on hand, the proceeds from the pending sale of certain assets to Belk, Inc.