adequate resources

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She had refused assistance from her husband, she had no adequate resources of her own, she was a friendless, degraded woman--from what source should she derive help but from the source at which report pointed--Sir Percival Glyde?
'A government can easily create job opportunities for its people when there are adequate resources. We want Luo youths to cooperate with census officials purposely for numerations,' Ongadi said.
The coordinator pointed out that the disease could be eliminated by 2030 with adequate resources and strong political commitment.
They also demanded to allocate adequate resources to WAPDA for building water dams and hydel power stations and demanded to PEPCO management to bring the contract electricity employees working for years on regular basis at the earliest in accordance with the settlement reached by the union with electricity management.
Awan proposed that the government must floor the drafted migration policy in cabinet and the national assembly for discussion and approval then develop inter-departmental framework of its implementation with adequate resources to address the issues of migrant workers and victims of human trafficking.
He also criticised the federal government over its failure to allocate adequate resources for Balochistan in the federal budget.
We will facilitate if we get adequate resources today."
We applaud the Herculean efforts of underpaid, heroic NHS staff but without adequate resources they fight a losing battle.
airlines are also required to have adequate resources to implement their tarmac delay contingency plans, such as having sufficient staff to accommodate flights during irregular operations.
'We need to act credibly to provide adequate resources to missions to effectively carry out their diverse mandates; and, put in place fair, realistic and permanent mechanisms for review and updating of troop costs and CEO (Contingent Owned Equipment) reimbursements'.
However, we have to recognise that there has to be, in return, increased investment in providing appropriate and adequate resources to cope with visitors.
Among work-related factors, a hectic or chaotic work setting had an AOR of 5.18, while having adequate resources for patient care came in with an AOR of 0.37, the investigators said.