adequate resources

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She had refused assistance from her husband, she had no adequate resources of her own, she was a friendless, degraded woman--from what source should she derive help but from the source at which report pointed--Sir Percival Glyde?
We need to act credibly to provide adequate resources to missions to effectively carry out their diverse mandates; and, put in place fair, realistic and permanent mechanisms for review and updating of troop costs and CEO (Contingent Owned Equipment) reimbursements.
18, while having adequate resources for patient care came in with an AOR of 0.
He hopes the federal government will invest in similar programs as there is nothing holding First Nations children back if given adequate resources and teaching.
Findings reveal that Diverse and Engaged Faculty, Diverse and Engaged Students, Participatory Cultures, Interactive Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Adequate Resources and Institutional Support were good predictors of program quality.
Contract notice: Funeral persons without adequate resources, management and burials occasions concessions.
She added: "Legal protections and adequate resources must be put in place to make the family a safer place and to ensure that children can be heard when they are still children.
8m through Essex & Suffolk Water, said it has adequate resources in storage to meet demand.
Bashir stated that neither the south nor the north possess adequate resources to pay these debts, especially in light of expected losses of oil revenues for the north if the south is to secede, AN NAHAR reported.
Make sure you have adequate resources in times of economic hardship so that you can make it through the tough times.
The directors' report said: "The directors have a reasonable expectation that the group has adequate resources to continue in operational existence for the foreseeable future and therefore continue to adopt the going concern basis of accounting.
Some 75 percent believe British troops lack the equipment they need to perform their role in Afghanistan safely, compared to 16 percent who think they have adequate resources, it said.