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Scottish Widows generally considers people to be saving adequately for retirement if the equivalent of 12 per cent or more of their income is being put aside.
We are adequately prepared to deal with the impact of this decision," said Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Raveesh Kumar.
He, therefore, appealed to non-governmental organisations (NGOs), philanthropists, and corporate bodies to support the school with computers, so as to prepare the students adequately to write ICT.
Social workers did not keep in touch with the man's children adequately and some 'child in need' meetings were cancelled.
CHKD argues that Adams has not adequately pleaded a VCPA claim because she does not allege that CHKD made a misrepresentation upon which Adams relied or that CHKD made a misrepresentation in connection with a consumer transaction.
He added that the status of migrants in downtown Bihac and in Velika KladuA!a should be adequately addressed in the shortest possible period.
The UAE Central Bank reminded banks to make sure all automated teller machines are adequately stocked with bank notes during the holidays.
The report also found two-fifths (39%) of UK workers aged 22-29 are now saving adequately for retirement, up from 30% last year.
The survey said that Singaporeans are only covered for a year of their expenses, while they should be adequately covered for five years.
Military leaders have repeatedly warned of the negative impact short-term CRs have on their ability to adequately train, equip and maintain the force.
A letter from Northumbria Police to Newcastle City Council warned "conditions offered within [the application] are not robust enough to adequately ensure" safety standards around serving alcohol are met.
Just over half of women are saving adequately for their retirement compared with nearly two-thirds of men, a report has found.