adherence to duty

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And thus it had come about that Orlando had gone off for his month's holiday with a charming girl, who, with the cynic, will no doubt account for his stern adherence to duty; and Rosalind had gone off for hers with a pretty young man whom she'd liked well enough to go to the theatre and to supper with,--a young man who was indeed a dear friend, and a vivacious, sympathetic companion, but whom, as a substitute for Orlando, she immediately began to hate.
The heroines' letters to each other make strict adherence to duty possible by encouraging the self-knowledge that duty denies them.
Although Scott professes to argue for daughters' adherence to duty in marriage, her characters show that when duty goes beyond behavioral control to emotional control, it is limiting and even damaging.
Again, the need for strict adherence to duty assumes that no gap exists between feelings or ideas and actions.
In her depiction of that courtship, Scott shows that a strict adherence to duty requires a young woman to show reticence even toward a man whom her parents have chosen and whom she herself likes.
ISLAMABAD , May 08, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has demanded of the government to ensure implementation of minimum wages of Rs7000 per month in the newspaper industry, strict adherence to duty hours, medical, holidays facilities, issuance of appointment letters as stipulated in the Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service) Act, 1973.