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It seems to me the first care of government should be to set at liberty those who have suffered for their adherence to it."
The pictures and effigies of them all show their adherence to the early Roman type.
Leonard Upjohn described Kennington with that restrained humour which a strict adherence to the vocabulary of Sir Thomas Browne necessitated.
This, however, was not all the king had to submit to; he was obliged to undergo the usual ceremony, which on that evening was marked by close adherence to the strictest etiquette.
Have you ever observed the remarkable adherence to set forms of speech which characterizes the talkers of arrant nonsense!
Mr Allworthy then asked him many questions concerning Jones, as to his health, and other matters; to all which Partridge answered, without having the least regard to what was, but considered only what he would have things appear; for a strict adherence to truth was not among the articles of this honest fellow's morality or his religion.
They were not among those who disbelieved their brother's letter; but they had no confidence in Maggie's adherence to her renunciation of him; they suspected that she had shrunk rather from the elopement than from the marriage, and that she lingered in St.
Bold and daring enterprise, stubborn endurance of privation, unflinching intrepidity in facing danger, and inflexible adherence to conscientious principle, had steeled to energetic and unyielding hardihood the characters of the primitive settlers of all these colonies.
As the attempt to establish among themselves the community of goods was a seal of that sacred bond which knit them so closely together, so the conduct they observed toward the natives of the country displays their steadfast adherence to the rules of justice and their faithful attachment to those of benevolence and charity.
Although the same scale was used to assess the medication adherence in both groups, adherences in the relapse cases were referred to the medication adherence behaviour before the present admission, not during the ward stay.
Accordingly, in this study, the patients with hypertension were assessed for not only the adherence to the medicine, but also adherence to the lifestyle modifications, including diet, exercise and home monitorization of BP We hypothesized that the reasons of nonadherence to each recommendation may be different, and therefore, should be assessed individually.
Studies directly assessing medication adherence in the treatment of leprosy Author(s) Date Geographical Measure of published area adherence used Weiand et al.