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Though, by this course, neither one aim nor the other could be attained, yet it seemed best to the adherents of this third party.
The fifth party consisted of those who were adherents of Barclay de Tolly, not so much as a man but as minister of war and commander in chief.
Meantime Tom and the stanchest of his adherents had reached Harrowell's, and Sally was bustling about to get them a late tea, while Stumps had been sent off to Tew, the butcher, to get a piece of raw beef for Tom's eye, which was to be healed off- hand, so that he might show well in the morning.
The trial of the Scowrers was held far from the place where their adherents might have terrified the guardians of the law.
A combination of endoscopic and medical therapy is best for preventing recurrent ulcer hemorrhages in patients with nonbleeding, adherent clots, said Dr.
The study compared two years of hospitalization rates, medical costs and pharmacy costs among patients who were adherent and non-adherent to generic statins.
The study found individuals adherent to statin medication went to the hospital or emergency department 2.
One study, looking at patients age 65 and older using cholesterol-lowering medications known as statins, found that the least-adherent patients had a 28 percent increased risk of cardiovascular hospitalizations compared with the adherent patients.
Our near-term commercial business is based on our internally developed VITOSS(R) Bone Graft Substitute technology platforms, which are designed to address the non-structural bone graft market by offering synthetic alternatives to the use of autograft or cadaver-derived bone material to meet a broad range of orthopedic clinical needs in the spine, trauma, joint reconstruction, revision surgery and extremities markets, and VITAGEL(TM) Surgical Hemostat, which is an adherent matrix and an impermeable barrier to blood flow.
The study showed that 40% of previously non-adherent users (taking their medications less than 80% of the time) became adherent (taking their medications at least 80% of the time) after adding a Medfriend.
Healing abdominal system for system vac consisting of: 2 sponges perforated polyurethane 1 non-adherent dressing polyurethane one polyurethane sponge encapsulated 4 plasters adherents, y 1 negative pressure regulator.
CytoCapture S-40-15: 3D cultivation of adherent cells or high resolution analysis of larger non-adherent cells.