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Adherent cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), are cultured on treated plastic surfaces and must adhere to these surfaces in order to grow.
Allowing adherent cells to grow into a truly natural 3-D structure with minimal use of growth media and high cell densities is part of the target criteria.
In conclusion, we determined that the growth of anoikis-resistant breast cancer cells was reduced as compared to their adherent cell counterparts, but these cells exhibited increased invasive ability and drug resistance to doxorubicine.
Table 1 (below): Data are based on triplicate measurements of 30 cellular sample from suspension and adherent cell lines at multiple concentrations and viabilities.
cellexis one combines the advantages of suspension with those of adherent cell cultivation and defines thereby a new standard of quality assured bioprocesses in lab, pilot and industrial scale.
atech has resolved the basic problem of adherent cell cultivation, namely the limitations of cell culture by the surface area available for inoculation and subsequently the maximum cell density of adherent cell cultures at given surface areas.
Cellectricon (Gothenburg, Sweden) has introduced the Cellaxess Elektra Discovery Platform, an advancement in automated electric field manipulation of adherent cells.
LifeSciences Integrity family of single-use technologies and have been especially developed for fragile adherent cell culture applications (such as stem cells) on a large scale.
It has already been proved that cell attachment and biological bonding of a cell and the viability of an adherent cell is highly influenced by the surface characteristics of a biomaterial, especially its roughness, which can be engineered to improve the biocompatibility of an implant, of a given composition.
a privately-held life sciences company commercializing products to advance the study of cell biology, stem cell research, biopharmaceutical production, and drug discovery, today announces availability of the full Cyntellect product portfolio, including the Celigo[TM] Adherent Cell Cytometer, the LEAP[TM] Cell Processing Workstation, and related kits and consumables, to the rapidly expanding life science sector in Asia.