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He says AlphaGary just came up with a formulation that bonds well to ABS and is continuing to develop materials that adhere to nylon 6, 66, and 11.
All of the drops flattened out completely, indicating that both fluids adhere to the coating, the team reports.
We chose the SIMPLORER platform because it provides robust modeling capability, is widely used in our target markets and adheres to the VHDL-AMS modeling standard.
The Glycyrrhiza extract (GX) was applied through a new oral disc that adheres near the sore and slowly releases the Licorice extract as it dissolves.
Jointly developed with ARM, SolidPC for AXI verifies that a design strictly adheres to the AMBA AXI specification.
TestKompress adheres to our commitment to provide customers with services and methodologies for optimal silicon development, and we are pleased to offer it to customers using our 130 and 90nm flows.
5 delivers a comprehensive BPEL engine and development toolkit that strictly adheres to Web Services and BPEL standards.
Select or large merchant assessments - Designed for merchants that conduct 6 million transactions or handle 6 million accounts annually, this service adheres to the Visa USA Security Audit Procedures and Reporting guidelines (CISP SAP)
Providing our clients with the highest quality service is our first priority and, as we have said previously, Grant Thornton LLP adheres to clear and precisely articulated standards, practices and values," said Ed Nusbaum, chief executive officer of Grant Thornton LLP.
By the design of the test plans, Wi-Fi certification ensures that the Airespace equipment will interoperate with other equipment that adheres to the IEEE's 802.
WiMAX is an industry group of leading broadband wireless system vendors whose objective is to accelerate the marketplace introduction of wireless broadband equipment that adheres to the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.