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As long as the beads didn't adhere near an alga's flagella, each cell could haul a load of its own weight with little slowdown.
The Electrodeposition painting process involves vehicle bodies being immersed in a paint tank, with an electrical current passing through the steel parts causing the paint to adhere to the metal surfaces.
The film wants to celebrate nonconformity, but adheres to hoary, Hollywood cliches.
A novel static-pinning process adheres an extrusion coating of polyethylene to a nonwoven substrate without adhesive or roller pressure.
They want confidence that the data Octagon helps them submit adheres to all relevant standards like SDTM, and includes a complete audit trail to comply with regulations like 21 CFR Part 11," said Dan Crawford, Octagon's Director of Data Integration and Standardization.
Arnitel naturally adheres well to PBT, PC, and ABS, according to Arnitel research and technology manager Rain Borggrava.
Because water adheres strongly to the surface and forms so thin a film, it creeps under oily spots to displace them, Fujishima says.
MRC accreditation certifies that DoubleClick's DART ad-serving platform -- which encompasses both DART for Advertisers and DART for Publishers -- adheres to industry standards for counting digital ad impressions.
With the necessary corona treating, EnBA also adheres better to PET, chemically primed PET and metallized BOPP than do EMA and EVA.
After the blood is washed away, an enzyme is added that adheres only to the pig's antibody.
MRC accreditation certifies that Atlas technology adheres to the marketing-industry standard for counting interactive advertising impressions and that its processes supporting this technology are accurate.
These assessments ensure that each organization adheres to the FiXs Operating Rules, FiXs Security Guidelines, and security best practices.