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Based on my reading of ASTM D7027 and experience with past wet adhesion tests, I would think that the critical load for disbonding would be sufficient for at least ranking coatings and comparing pairs of panels for wet adhesion and might possibly, produce data that are more useful than that (better than crosshatch and tape).
PRODUCT INNOVATIONS/APPROVALS II-25 Fziomed Obtains CE Mark Approval for Dynavisc Adhesion Barrier Gel II-25 Innocoll Receives European Approval for CollaGUARD II-25 SyntheMed Obtains CE Mark Approval for REPEL-GYN II-25 Magen Introduces SpineShield Anti- Adhesion Product II-26
Most animals developed adhesions between the omentum and abdominal wall and adhesion grades were no statistical significant difference between the treatment groups.
While some studies have examined mold adhesion phenomenon in IC packaging industry (1), (2), few have considered mold adhesion in the injection molding process.
As gynecologic surgeons, we must appreciate that while infections, endometriosis, and other peritoneal insults may contribute to adhesion development, surgery is the most common cause.
At XIM we asked ourselves, "What does a scrub test for interior flat paints have to do with adhesion to tough-to-paint surfaces or even exterior durability?
It appears that the best adhesion conditions would involve applying small salt particles to an oily surface.
The system is a breakthrough because olefinic materials, due to their inertness, have relied almost exclusively on post-molding secondary operations such as plasma, corona, or flame treatments to obtain adhesion promotion by oxidizing the plastic surface.
Full of the University of California, Berkeley, who has studied adhesion in gecko feet.
Abstract: This report describes a paradoxical inflammatory reaction to Seprafilm caused by extensive adhesion formation early in the postoperative period.
Adhesion of organic coatings to thermoplastic olefin (TPO) substrates in automotive applications has been an issue for makers of automotive parts since TPO was first used in exterior applications, primarily fascia.
INCERT is designed to act as a barrier to prevent internal tissue adhesion and scarring following spinal, cardiac, pelvic or abdominal surgery.