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With its unique competition distances, world-class field and carefully designed city route, we are extremely confident ADIT will earn aeinstant classic' status by Saturday [tomorrow] evening.
This would bring them into the mine adit via the micro caverns in the bed rock.
Bright blue films of linarite (to 4 x 6 cm) have been observed with malachite on the dumps by the upper adit; 1-2 mm crystals on milky quartz crystals have been collected from one of the surface trenches above the upper adit.
Drilling commenced on the underground adit and portal, on 31 October, for direct access to wide, high grade gold/silver zones;
Some 1,000 places are available for the inaugural ADIT.
25m deal brokered by Adit for the Tees Valley Partnership earlier in the year.
They were only a short distance inside the adit, as they had no lights, when the rock slab the younger collector was retrieving specimens from came loose and he was crushed to death.
Rehabilitation of Adit Number One is complete and sampling has confirmed high grade cobalt mineralization in the underground exposures, as previously announced (see Company news release dated July 31, 2017).
will be opened up to broadband supplier Synetrix, giving 8,000 SMEs access to lower cost broadband, thanks to an agreement brokered by IT agency Adit North-East on behalf of the Tees Valley Partnership.