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Collar the MD-1 decline adit in the Manganeso area in January 2006 prior to the completion of the TD-1 decline adit, and it is estimated that the MD-1 decline adit and drifts will be completed by the end of May 2006.
Significant results, including multiple adit intersections, are summarised below for the Kakula and Namoya Summit deposits that are located 700 metres apart along the mineralised trend.
The above adit sampling was undertaken at approximately one metre intervals and the assay composites are uncut.
Previously reported results from trench and adit samples include:
The adit vein strikes N20-30E and dips at -45 degrees WNW toward the steeply dipping shaft vein some 250 feet to the west.
In addition to an underground adit development work and a surface drilling program currently in process, the Company is planning to carry out further exploration activity on the Property that will include a minimum of 30 diamond drill-holes spaced at 200 meter intervals and drilled to an average depth of 400 meters.
The adits developed by UPRR consist of a northern adit 755 feet long and a southern adit 452 feet long.
backfilling 5 mine adits using mine waste & other nearby material
The original May Mac showing, discovered and staked in 1894, was developed by several shafts and three adit tunnels (Adits #'s 1, 2 & 3) on what is presently termed the Lower Skomac Vein.
Full results for the adits and trenches are tabulated below.
One of nine regional Adits, formerly known as Regional Aggregation Bodies, we were set up by the DTI to get the best value for the public sector in IT and broadband- related services procurement and also to increase broadband take-up.
the "Company") (OTCBB:CTVH) is pleased to announce that assay results have been received for drill-hole ZK0301 and specific sections of adit PD4 drifted by the Company at its Xietongmen property in Tibet China.