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Several large brands and agencies have now signed onto the AddThis Ai platform, and are already seeing how the platform provides long-desired access to the full spectrum of customer interests, brand adjacencies, and device-specific behaviors that enable personalized targeting.
But Johnson, co-founder and chairman of Innosight, a strategic consulting firm, defines white space a little differently: "The range of potential activities not defined or addressed by the company's model; that is, the opportunities outside the core and beyond its adjacencies that require a different business model to exploit.
Using the AdSafe firewall, marketers and agencies can easily set parameters for the type of content adjacencies which are suitable for their brands and then rely on AdSafe technology to ensure that their brand messages only appear on pages which meet their pre-set parameters.
Marthin De Beer , senior VP, Emerging Technologies Group said the announcement of Smart Connected Buildings as CiscoAAEs latest Emerging Technology highlights the strength of our internal innovation engine for identifying and developing solutions in key market adjacencies.
While the displays have the same shelf and peg-board structure as the CVS and Walgreens locations, the adjacencies do not make the same effort to give shoppers the opportunity to pile all of whatever hair-care products they needed from one short trip.
This may be assisted by an attractive visible picture of a bacon sandwich at the display or adjacencies in other sections (eg point-of-sale at bread section/meal ideas).
Important factors affecting winning adjacency expansions include a strong core onto which to "bolt on" adjacency tactics; adjacency moves that suit three key criteria including relatedness to a strong core, robust profit pools and the potential for market leadership economics; a repeatable adjacency formula or template; and a malleable and replicable organizational processes to manage adjacencies.
Throughout 2005 we delivered on our strategy to grow our core business through technology innovation, to expand into adjacencies such as verification and manufacturability, and to pursue pricing and business models for value," said Mike Fister, president and CEO of Cadence.
When they come into port, they use fiber-optic "umbilical cords" to physically establish adjacencies.
Her expertise is in retail, so she understands what types of tenants would be in this particular market, what tenants work well with other tenants, what kind of adjacencies to pursue," says McCaffrey.
Forms were derived by stretching and moulding plasticene, considering access requirements and formal adjacencies.