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But with new and remodeled stores, you're seeing more of the adjacencies that we feel are right for the customer.
GE has begun to build a platform for growth in adjacencies from these new groupings of external and internal innovators, one that has durable operating mechanisms and promotes a supportive incubation culture, in no small part from working closely with smaller companies, researchers, and venture capitalists and learning about the challenges they face.
Marthin De Beer , senior VP, Emerging Technologies Group said the announcement of Smart Connected Buildings as CiscoAAEs latest Emerging Technology highlights the strength of our internal innovation engine for identifying and developing solutions in key market adjacencies.
While the displays have the same shelf and peg-board structure as the CVS and Walgreens locations, the adjacencies do not make the same effort to give shoppers the opportunity to pile all of whatever hair-care products they needed from one short trip.
That leaves Sir Howard stranded out there, searching for adjacencies and settling for a few random synergies.
Throughout 2005 we delivered on our strategy to grow our core business through technology innovation, to expand into adjacencies such as verification and manufacturability, and to pursue pricing and business models for value," said Mike Fister, president and CEO of Cadence.
Forms were derived by stretching and moulding plasticene, considering access requirements and formal adjacencies.
45-6), essays in Adjacencies assert the ways in which "the recent proliferation of writing by minorities in Canada has engendered a reformulation of the country's social and cultural imaginary; in fact it has changed the ways we think about ourselves as a collectivity" (Beneventi "Ethnic Heteroptopias," p.
There are geographic adjacencies (such as Vodafone's acquisition of Mannesmann to enter the German cellular-phone market); channel adjacencies (Carter's creation of a new brand and logistics system for baby sleepers); and product adjacencies (IBM's shift from hardware to services).
The Sainsbury Wing's willingness to change in relationship to the microclimates of its divergent adjacencies, both formally and associationally--and in particular the way in which it takes themes from William Wilkin's adjacent nineteenth-century edifice and playfully hints at the ways the original played with classicism as sign, while interweaving its forms with modernist gestures--are all direct developments of that contextualism without pastiche that characterized the "Philadelphia School" in the '60s and '70s.
This action will enable us to move ahead and grant construction permits to eligible LPFM applicants who meet the standard for protecting third adjacencies, the same level of interference protection currently required for full power stations," said Chairman Michael Powell in a statement.