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Chancellor Jovel reported on the entry into force of the Governmental Agreement 90-2019, whereby the creation of an Interinstitutional Commission to promote the development of the adjacency zone was agreed upon and requested the international community to support national efforts for the implementation of This initiative.
where A is a given adjacency matrix of G' and X = [[X.sub.ij]] is a feasible solution to the semidefinite relaxation.
An alternative to the adjacency matrix is the Laplacian matrix of the network defined as
Let [GAMMA] be a distance-regular graph which the valency of each vertex as k, with diameter d, adjacency matrix A, and intersection array, is
The concept of adjacency pairs was developed by the conversation analysts Harvey Sacks and Emanuel Schegloff in the 1960s and 1970s.
In a recent CRB project, for example, several distinct development groups requested close adjacency to their analytical peers for the benefits listed above.
The system, combining some states' set S {[s.sub.1], [s.sub.2], ..., [s.sub.m]}, embodying the vertices of a directed graph and interconnected with directed arcs G {[g.sub.1], [g.sub.2], ..., [g.sub.r]}, can be represented in the adjacency matrix form [[c.sub.ij]], whose rows and columns correspond to the directed graph vertices.
The positive (resp., negative) inertia index of a graph G , denoted by p(G) resp., n(G) ), is defined to be the number of positive (resp., negative) eigenvalues of its adjacency matrix.
A [kappa]-neighbor of p [member of] [Z.sup.n] is a point of [Z.sup.n] which is [kappa]-adjacent to p, where [kappa] is an adjacency relation defined on [Z.sup.n].
The resultant intuitionistic fuzzy digraph is shown in Figure 2 and corresponding adjacency matrix is shown in Table 3.
Then, the data structure is built by concatenating the NODE_ID of the neighbor node who has established a successful adjacency with.