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The contract is entrusting Contractors administration services by performing duties related to the operation of residential, utility and garages owned by the Commune located in buildings housing communities, along with the maintenance of areas adjacent to these buildings.
k} such that two adjacent elements of V(G) [union] E(G) are assigned distinct colors, and the incident elements are dyed different colors.
track especially adjacent to double road, near children's play area, adjacent to water tanks and adjacent to newly occupied cricket club area.
It is a native species that has been reported from adjacent Eastland, Erath, Parker, and Young counties (Turner et al.
95 Greene Street is adjacent to Merrill Lynch's current 590,000 square-foot office at 101 Hudson Street and will provide room for growth in Merrill Lynch's support services areas.
It is anticipated that the balloon will be launched by the end of this year, located adjacent to a temporary on-site visitor center slated to open in 2007.
Adjacent level degeneration, following cervical, lumbar, and lumbosacral fusions, has been well documented in recent literature, yet there remains considerable controversy as to when adjacent level radiographic degeneration becomes clinically relevant.
Convenient, quality and affordable accommodations located adjacent to the facility is an added benefit to business people, as well as families coming 'back home' for visits to north central West Virginia," said Corton.
However, published studies all conclude that arsenic concentrations in soil samples taken from beneath or immediately adjacent (within 01-0.
So please effect the selfsame respect for the two adjacent sides
Dressed stone is then applied to the Embassy's courtyard elevation, resonating with adjacent stone cladding and bronzed window frames of the Residence.