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Lying near or close to; neighboring.

Adjacent means that objects or parcels of land are not widely separated, though perhaps they are not actually touching; but adjoining implies that they are united so closely that no other object comes between them.


adjective abutting, adjoining, alongside, bordering, conterminous, contiguous, contiguus, convergent, finitimus, juxtaposed, meeting, next to, proximal, touching, verging on, vicinal, vicinus
Associated concepts: adjacent county, adjacent land, adjaaent owners, adjacent property
See also: close, contiguous, immediate, local, near, present, proximate
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Order of presentation of the items was randomly pre-determined except that at the beginning and end of the list an item from the buffer category was presented and no two items from the same category were presented adjacently.
Given these large uncertainties, however, the correlation of static and dynamic cushions rankings for individuals is perhaps surprisingly good, with perfect correlations being noted for participants 5, 6, and 7 and the transposition of only two adjacently ranked cushions for participant 8.
It was presented in a unique fashion, with biscuit, topping and fruit coulis all laid out separately and adjacently on the plate.
The IASP World Conference will take place at the Qatar National Convention Centre, which is adjacently located to QSTP, Doha's new cutting-edge green facility in 2014.
The road would facilitate transports adjacently to the Blue Line.
As we would visit a unit, news would travel to adjacently oriented units that would also request our services.
The experiment used a completely randomized design, and each experimental unit was a replicate consisting of eight groups of adjacently caged layer hens fed as one group.
At times, the two will grow adjacently, but those broad, swaying fields lining the Chassahowitzka River and the main marsh arteries are all needle grass.
They had access to 4 feeding troughs placed adjacently (~1 m apart) of which only 3 were used.
The output of this argumentation will bring it about that the two syntactic words which form the question marker occur adjacently.
Honoring both Sabbath rest and work, Westhelle concludes: "Church is aroused and inflamed by the white fire in the interstices of our ecclesial discourses, offering hope, a hopeful anticipation of the promise of something nearby or at hand, adjacently both ready and at ease" (168).
Conjugated words with a structure of undefined noun phrase should be written adjacently (examples include aslanagzi, kusburnu, yavruagzi, bulbulyuvasi, Japonbayragi, tahtapapuc, eklemfaresi, omuriliksogani, belsoguklugu, aybasi, itdirsegi, kunduracigogsu, guvercingogsu, kafatasi, catikemigi, soyagaci).