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innovate (118): "innovates," Sandys, Christ's Passion (1640); this is the only use of "innovate" or "innovates," though "innovating" is used adjectivally in Jonson's Poetaster.
Adjectivally, the word means "contained in a shrine," and the only recorded instances refer specifically to a patron saint.
The author of the following excerpt, which appeared in the personal ads of La Nacion (author unknown 2004), uses pura vida adjectivally to elicit a potential mate:
106) observes that in seventh-century usage siddha- (in compounds) was used only adjectivally.
Here, in no particular order, are 99 words that, in various ways, adjectivally define bigness.
The two animals that are designated adjectivally as a-ko-ra-jo ("associated with collections") are both fatted pigs (Wu 52, Wu 68).
Anthologies and corpuses are already well-known as "things," so I will differentiate them adjectivally rather than as nouns:
I am shocked that the allegedly literate find themselves so adjectivally and adverbially challenged as to find solace in such sub-words.
At one time or another, we all have adjectivally associated someone with an animal characteristic, with either a positive or negative connotation, but I don't know many who initially would find such identification useful for pedagogical advancement.
Where the term "mother" erases women's nonmaternal activities and identifications, the grammer of "postmaternal women" locates maternal identity adjectivally, as part of a more encompassing personhood.
Natural" is occasionally used adjectivally of {"nature" = the created universe} as in "natural philosophy" {W, p.
THE LATEST Ontario education crisis has stumped the adjectivally challenged.