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grammatical subordination of one idea to another, [and] conjunctions such as however, therefore, thus, although, or unless are almost entirely absent except when those conjunctions are used adjectivally. Nonrestrictive relative clauses tend to be noun or adjective clauses, and adverbial and qualifying conjunctions and clauses are rarely used except to identify time and place and on those occasions when a white character is speaking or when the narrator is presenting the perspective of that character.
In both cases, the phrase is used adjectivally and in combination with a suffix (9/11-like, 9/11-type).
Using color words substantively as well as adjectivally, juxtaposing them in series, and drawing a lexicon from the paint-box are among Byatt's means of achieving sensory density.
"Metropolitan" (etymologically a citizen of the mother/mother city) also appears as a noun a century before being used adjectivally. "American" as noun (1568--to describe Native people) precedes the adjective (1580) in the OED by about a decade.
The word "kamokha" is not usually used adverbially, but rather adjectivally, meaning "similar to you" (cf.
157, contains a relative clause constructed with a CP functioning adjectivally. I reproduce it below because of its great interest and difference from relative clause forming strategies that I have encountered elsewhere in the languages of this area.
As the subject of an increasing amount of recent critical interest in romantic studies, "Obi," or obeah (the latter usually appears adjectivally), was a West African apotropaic art associated with Koromantyn or Gold Coast peoples.
sensuality, promise, terror, sublimity, idyllic pleasure, intense energy: the Orient as a figure in pre-Romantic, pretechnical Orientalist imagination of late-eighteenth century Europe was really a chameleon-like quality called adjectivally "Oriental" (118).
In one of them, soul does basically appear only adjectivally, and while the doctrine is, so far as I can see, formally consistent, it is only a polite form of materialism, which is cumbrous, misleading, and disposed to point in the wrong direction from the point of view of deeper theoretical understanding.
Instead of grappling with the American Letter--an alphabetic figure pregnant with potential verbal referents--Persian audiences are frequently given instead an adjectivally delimited "sign," a generic "mark" defined for them as "shameful."
The syntactical freedom, as for example of nouns and verbs being used adjectivally, creates wordscapes that surge with energy.
In both cases the first term describes a group identity that also implies a set of disparaging characteristics understood adjectivally: being out of place, lacking culturally appropriate social skills, behaving in a lazy of stupid manner.