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Thus, the entity being evaluated may be immediately contiguous to the evaluative adjective or occupy a number of different positions within a sentence or even cross the boundaries of the sentence.
Adv + V-ing] In this pattern, the left constituent, modifying the verb, can be an adverb (never-ending), or an adjective functioning as adverb (hard-working).
Moreover, we examine the impact that the semantic structure of the adjective and the animacy of the sentential subject have on children's ability to associate generic v.
The risotto was real tasty, [informal; real is an adjective and so cannot modify another adjective, tasty]
Initially, seed list of adjectives was assigned semantic scores manually.
Explanations of any 'a-' words in adjectival functions (predicative position, attributive position and/or in postpositive position) and in adverbial functions (adverbial, premodifier in adjective, adverb and prepositional phrases) are available in the literature and confirm their status as belonging to either one or the other, but not as members of the categorial space between adjectives and adverbs according to their common morphology, syntax or semantics (cf.
The defined auditory samples were the Portuguese words /bola/, /moto/, and /aviao/ (ball, motorcycle, and airplane) in the Noun condition, and /brava/, /feliz/, and /triste/ (angry, happy, and sad) in the Adjective condition.
The mean scores of the 21 adjectives provided by fans were averaged to create an aggregate fan adjective score.
with an adjective describing its color, such as 'dark',
Interestingly, almost any adjective, originally derived from the corresponding noun can be further modified by means of the prefix 'un-'.
For each adjective you are asked to consider its importance in describing Pakistani women.
Although more research is needed, these data indicate that the addition of new senses has contributed to the survival of the adjective in question