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So, 'javiz' (zabuz), as it was pointed out above, is a qualitative adjective derived from verb root 'jav-', which does not occur in the language of inscriptions.
Second: in what way does the adjective do its qualifying work--what is the mode of qualification: determining, confirming, or eliminating?
Explanations of any 'a-' words in adjectival functions (predicative position, attributive position and/or in postpositive position) and in adverbial functions (adverbial, premodifier in adjective, adverb and prepositional phrases) are available in the literature and confirm their status as belonging to either one or the other, but not as members of the categorial space between adjectives and adverbs according to their common morphology, syntax or semantics (cf.
Each statement contained a different adjective or trait (see Appendix A).
ADJECTIVE ANIMAL cervine civet cat colubrine deer hircine goat larine gull lutrine otter musteline seal ovine sheep phocine snake sciurine squirrel viverrine weasel
The composition of the Directorate for Enlargement has become especially important since President Gjorge Ivanov and a little later Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki, too, said that they would not accept the report on Macedonia if the adjective 'Macedonian' was left out.
In the questionnaire, the determined adjective groups were given to the subjects for evaluation and selected in a way to show the differences between the visual quality and the design perception in the plant groups.
May I suggestwe take the losers to the McDonald's recruiting office via the hole in the wall at Adjective Bank.
She found that the adjectives for women in the category of physical appearance seemed to suggest a preoccupation with attractiveness.
They were asked to rate the representativeness of the adjective by the brand based on a 1 to 7 scale, with 1 indicating a poor fit, 4 being the point of indifference, and 7 indicating a strong fit (Table 1).
When it's done right, the adjective becomes the work of art
Police, to take a loaded example, can be employed as an adjective in such salient phrases as police procedural (the film's genre) and police state (a form of government that continues to cast a shadow, as Porumboiu shows, on Romania's newborn, already stagnating democracy).