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The eastern [boundary] adjoins the houses of the people of the above-mentioned [Shinah] village.
Neighbors saw the boys on the campus, which is on a dead-end street and adjoins an open field, and called sheriff's deputies.
The Silver Sands-1 is the 4th well of the 12 wells to be drilled in 2006, the Silver Sands-1 well adjoins ACOR's PEL 112 to the north.
The PELA 71 permit is located in the South Australian sector of the Cooper/Eromanga Basins and adjoins ACOR's PEL 112 to the West.
By being able to expand into space that adjoins our current facility, we can continue our growth without the disruption that often goes along with moving.
The Hills at Sky Ranch is situated on 160 acres located about eight miles south of Denver International Airport and adjoins the 760-acre, 4,000 dwelling unit Sky Ranch development to which the Company will also provide water service.
Aurora's property adjoins the Falconbridge Montcalm deposit to the west, and is considered prospective as the mineralized Montcalm gabbro may extend westward onto Aurora's property.
The Block adjoins Block 5A, which is operated by Lundin Sudan Limited, and where a significant discovery known as Thar Jath was made recently.