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To determine by a judge; to pass on and decide judicially.

A person adjudged guilty is one who has been convicted in court.

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Subject to limitations, a court-martial is always at liberty to adjudge some degree of confinement.
Any court-martial may adjudge a fine in lieu of, or in addition to forfeitures.
1002 (stating, "[s]ubject to limitations in this Manual, the sentence to be adjudged is a matter within the discretion of the court-martial; except when a mandatory minimum sentence is prescribed by the code, a court-martial may adjudge any punishment authorized in this Manual, including the maximum punishment or any lesser punishment, or may adjudge a sentence of no punishment.").
[section] 856 (2000), the President has provided that a court-martial 'may adjudge a fine in lieu of or in addition to forfeitures.' R.C.M.
(28) A special or summary court-martial may not adjudge any fine or combination of fine and forfeitures in excess of the total amount of forfeitures that may be adjudged in that case.