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In particular, they were flagged if and when the adjudicator cited documentary evidence in their decision or when he/she made statements about the following social or cultural contextual issues:
A Wirral Borough Council spokesman said: "The council has received the written report from the adjudicator.
He said the most likely explanation is that the adjudicator was on the telephone when Mr.
pdf> the adjudicator held that the phraseology "rights in respect of is conceptually broader than "rights to a mark (ZA2008-00016, p 11).
Merkur told Windspeaker that under the ADR rules, the chief adjudicator has "no significant rights to alter the process.
His solicitor Mishi Giri said it was now hoped the Home Office would agree with the adjudicator, although the decision might not be known for some time.
The Adjudicator rejected the four grievances she received.
It was the first year that she'd had Customs & Excise and the Contributions Agency added to her work as Inland Revenue Adjudicator - and she found plenty to make your hair curl.
In this specification, [Gamma] is the relative weight the adjudicator places on the medical ratings, and [Alpha] is the weight on the claimant medical rating relative to the defense rating.
The Chief Adjudicator reports many positives in achieving fair access to schools for all children while highlighting areas in which admissions procedures can be strengthened.
However, the adjudicator waived the amount keeping in view that the cricketer's career has effectively ended.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Cricket Board's independent adjudicator on Wednesday rejected disgraced cricketer Khalid Latif's plea against his five years ban for his involvement in the spot fixing scandal of the second edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) last year in UAE.