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I am confident too that in their dealings with parents, schools, academy trusts, religious bodies, local authorities and others, adjudicators and OSA staff appreciate how important the matters raised are to those concerned and that they deal sensitively and fairly with all.
He said: "I enjoy writing poetry and wanted to enter this Eisteddfod partly because of the adjudicators, Derec Llwyd Morgan and Ifor ap Glyn, two noted poets themselves.
Consular adjudicators are a hybrid of Foreign Service specialists and generalists.
Once you have completed the official complaints process, you can send your case for appeal by the Office of Independent Adjudicator.
FIDIC (The International Federation of Consulting Engineers) has a three-member Dispute Adjudication Board, compared with a single adjudicator used by NEC.
There they will TAKE part in a dance-off for the national title against contestants from all over the UK in front of a panel of adjudicators The four are Amy Woodhead, 17, Natalie Dungan, 18, and Chloe ClarKe, 18, who were all nominated by the adjudicator for their performance in the Advanced 1 Modern Jazz grade.
10) Joanna Desira states that "the school adjudicator has decided three schools in Greater Eston.
And the adjudicators do not know to whom they are speaking.
There are three adjudicators dealing with approximately 19,000 applications.
This meant the SRA was looking to recruit a more diverse crop of adjudicators - members of the public who adjudicate on cases brought before them on a part-time basis.
This report is an effort to address information gaps regarding how gendered claims are addressed by adjudicators at Canada's Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (the RPD).
Our adjudicators are on the telephone all the time," he said.