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Attachment or affixing to another. Something attached as a dependent or auxiliary part.Under the Civil Law system which prevails in much of Europe and Latin America, adjunction is the permanent union of a thing belonging to one person to something that belongs to someone else.

A branch agency, for example, is an adjunct of the main department or Administrative Agency.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

ADJUNCTION. in civil law. Takes place when the thing belonging to one person is attached or united to that which belongs to another, whether this union is caused by inclusion, as if one man's diamond be encased in another's ring; by soldering, as if one's guard be soldered on another's sword; by sewing, as by employing the silk of one to make the coat of another; by construction; as by building on another's land; by writing, as when one writes on another's parchment; or by painting, when one paints a picture on another's canvas.
     2. In these cases, as a general rule, the accessory follows the principal; hence these things which are attached to the things of another become the property of the latter. The only exception which the civilians made was in the case of a picture, which although an accession, drew to itself the canvas, on account of the importance which was attached to it. Inst. lib. 2, t. 1, Sec. 34; Dig. lib. 41, t. 1, 1. 9, Sec. 2. See Accession, and 2 Bl. Comm. 404; Bro. Ab. Propertie; Com. Dig. Pleader, M. 28; Bac. Abr. Trespass, E 2. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 499.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Caption: Figure 3: Complement results of adjunction (a) ([[delta].sup.e]([X.sup.n'])) and (b) [[epsilon].sup.e]([X.sup.n]).
In Section 5 we describe the concrete examples of the adjunction between monoids and groups and the one between semirings and rings.
- However, the fundamental law which links the pair of dilation/erosion, the adjunction property, fails for the introduced structurally adaptive operators.
In cases of coupled constraint equations, incorrect decisions of slave freedoms can lead to numerical stability problems; the main disadvantage of the penalty augmentation is a serious one: the choice of weight values that balance solution accuracy with the violation of constraint conditions; the Lagrange multiplier adjunction introduces additional unknowns, requiring expansion of the original stiffness matrix and more complicated storage allocation procedures.
During the recent century, specially in its final decades, different researches have been done about adjuncts and adjunction among different languages, but despite the fact that they are very important in Persian language, no attempts have been done regarding the position of adjuncts based on the Minimalist Program and functional Grammar.
These positions are syntactically related by adjunction, with a lineal ordering based on information processing criteria.
Certain mixtures covered with open granularity will not have the desired Mechanical resistance, because of the cohesion and adhesiveness obtained with bitumen; this is why, solutions to these disadvantages are sought in the modification by polymers' adjunction.
As initial data, the system of equilibrium equations along the line of shell adjunction to the contour was investigated (Fig 2 a, b) [13, 14].
To be able to capture these within-group differences, future studies need to use more detailed rural classifications, such as the Urban-Rural Continuum Code that considers a town's population size and adjunction to a metropolitan city (Butler & Beale, 1994).