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And was it a change of heart with time over full disclosure in the setting of tuberculosis, a less "sensitive" subject matter, or perhaps the understanding that isolation from the public could reduce its contagium that later led to his adjuration for full disclosure: "No greater mistake is possible in the treatment of tuberculosis than to keep from the patient in its early stages the full knowledge of its existence" (17).
In what follows, I suggest that the adjuration to loyalty of the ade provided a literary model for the authors of Deut.
Its adjurations and ritual formulas are to be used to persuade angels and to describe ritual goals to angelic addressees.
Howard Coker, who served a Bar president when Harding was chief justice, brought adjurations from the Jacksonville legal community.
8:5 [Hebrew text omitted] tahat ha-tappuah 'orartika, literally "under the apricot tree I awakened you," with "awaken" in the erotic sense, as in the adjurations 2:7, 3:5, 8:4.
8) Thus, through successive adjurations, these special eyes would be opened slowly and gradually as the catechumen prepared for baptism.