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In what follows, I suggest that the adjuration to loyalty of the ade provided a literary model for the authors of Deut.
Howard Coker, who served a Bar president when Harding was chief justice, brought adjurations from the Jacksonville legal community.
Toutes ces precisions sur l'auteur de l'Hypnerotomachia et sur l'envergure de ses recherches ne font que retarder le demarrage narratif, retard qui se voit prolonge par les adjurations lyriques qui suivent: "Que Polyphile et Polia, ces saintes martyrs d'amour, me pardonnent de toucher a leur memoire"(237: 8).
And even in Iran, the revolution appears to have burned out, leaving behind an apathetic youth eager to enjoy the trappings of American culture, despite the Ayatollahs' adjurations.
8:5 [Hebrew text omitted] tahat ha-tappuah 'orartika, literally "under the apricot tree I awakened you," with "awaken" in the erotic sense, as in the adjurations 2:7, 3:5, 8:4.
The last grouping, "Contradictions: Tracking Poems," comprises twenty-nine quick-flash lyrics and adjurations.
8) Thus, through successive adjurations, these special eyes would be opened slowly and gradually as the catechumen prepared for baptism.
The first segment of this two-part book, "Reinterpreting Aseneth," maps out extant versions and traces of Aseneth and catalogues the narrative's manifold component ideas and images, from Jewish angel adjurations to Neoplatonism.