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said unto (jesus), I adjure thee by the living God that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the Son of God.
The attacks came even as sources within the government revealed that there is plan to provide safe passage to the ULFA leaderships provided they adjure violence and lay down arms unconditionally.
Though most religions adjure their adherents to perform private acts of charity, says Wittberg (sociology, Indiana U.
29) He wrote: "We warn and adjure earnestly in the Lord faithful Christians of every condition that no one in the future dare to vex anyone, despoil him of his possessions, reduce to servitude, or lend aid and favour to those who give themselves up to these practices, or exercise that inhuman traffic by which the Blacks, as if they were not men but rather animals .
The conjuration of the rite of exorcism is the following: 'I adjure you, ancient serpent, by the judge of the living and the dead, by the maker of the world, who has the power to send you to Gehenna, that you depart from this house quickly.
and hekhalotic passage "I adjure you by the biblical forefathers .
2:7 [Hebrew text omitted] hisba'ti 'etkem, literally "I hereby adjure you.
Ahab, who had been insistent that Micaiah say what he wanted him to, now scolded him, 'How many times must I adjure you to tell me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord?
Thus we read in lines 11-15: yzr lk yl wlbtw y'b 'n' 'm lk yk wntts mkt' yt' bsh wnb 'bh'l 'ml'b nm lk wkphtw ml' lk yl' wlswtw 'ml', "I adjure you that you should grant me all that I seek, reveal to me all the mysteries of the world, communicate to me all knowledge, and turn everyone in the world to love us.
The only verse in the Quran that adjures against sabb (insults) instructs Muslims not to insult the infidels' gods "lest they, in retaliation, insult God in their ignorance" (6:108), and no variants of the word shatm appear.
Justas black men lost the power to vote, so Drusilla, in the moment she adjures verbena, loses her power of speech and becomes the laughing, crying hysteric of the story's final pages.
Gandalf refuses the Ring and adjures Frodo to "keep it safe, and keep it secret" (LotR I.