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So, I adjure American Handgunner to continue to publish -- dare I say expand -- your coverage of discontinued models, whether or not they are considered "classic.
Will Zinn adjure the American left to renounce its romantic attachment to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, whose members surely believed a war in defense of Spanish loyalists was both just and necessary?
The theories of interaction distinguish the Ego from the `other' but at the same time, in order to adjure power, they propose a consensual domain where this distinction could disappear.
We urge the OECD to maintain its position on this critical point and adjure other member countries (including the United States) to follow suit.
I adjure the mice taken in this place, that you do me no injury yourself, nor suffer another to do it; for I give you the ground [the field or area]; but if I again take you on this spot I take the Mother of Gods to witness I will divide you into seven parts.
I adjure you not to waste your time on Manilius," he told Robert Bridges.
Le document note aussi d'autres criteres comme celui de ne pas avoir ete adherent ou element actif d'aucun parti politique, durant les cinq annees anterieures a l'ouverture des candidatures ou encore ne pas avoir exerce aucune responsabilite au sein du parti du Rassemblement constitutionnel democratique dissous ou avoir adjure le President de la Republique dechu de briguer un nouveau mandat presidentiel.
Comedians adjure you to buy defense bonds; romantic heroes, fluttering their eyelashes, urge you to die for the British empire.
In both novels, we find catachrestic versions of the damaged child that adjure readers to relate to that which exceeds discourse and which the text therefore cannot signify.
said unto (jesus), I adjure thee by the living God that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the Son of God.
The attacks came even as sources within the government revealed that there is plan to provide safe passage to the ULFA leaderships provided they adjure violence and lay down arms unconditionally.