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(30) After all, the Talmudic passage adjured the Jewish people to heed the passage in Song of Songs, "you neither awaken nor stir up love, until it please," which was traditionally interpreted to mean that it was God alone, not humans, who would decide when "the propitious moment" for the restoration of Jewish sovereignty in Israel would arrive.
We were adjured to remember that taking a new braille page without completely filling a previous one was wasteful, expensive, disrespectful to the school--a veritable heinous offense against all fight-thinking people.
it is time for our generation to answer that call." Echoing the passing of the torch that JFK celebrated on behalf of his generation--as well as the heroic exertions of the civil rights movement--Obama in announcing his candidacy adjured his followers, "Let's be the generation that ends poverty in America....
Although he himself once adjured other Spanish composers to "make Spanish music with a universal accent" (Victor Ruiz Albeniz, Isaac Alheniz [Madrid: Comisaria General de Musica, 1948], 102, my trans.), in some of these songs, at least, he has done just the opposite; make international music with a slightly Spanish accent.
Here, a sheet model is defined as a degenerated solid model with zero thickness and thus it looks like a generalized surface model that allows an edge to be adjured to more than two faces.
Soldiers are adjured to avoid any activity which might undermine their professional ability or place others at risk.
The Trouble some Raigne is after all dedicated to "Gentleman Readers" who are commended for having "entertaind the Scythian Tamburlaine," and who are adjured to transfer their applause to a "warlike Christian" who endures "many a storme" for "Christs true faith." The fact that this supposed hero-king abjectly fails is attributed, in the prologue to part 2, to the "determinde Fate" of "heavens fixt time," so that John's "fatal tragedie" almost suggests a version of Calvinist predestination, although this certainly problematizes the Protestant position of the play's politics.
A peasant from Zollikon arose and adjured Zwingli by the power of the living God to tell the truth; the peasant was still convinced that Zwingli was lying.
So Jewish exorcism adjured the demon and healed the person, while the Catholic exorcism is intended to drive away the offending spirit or demon.
These posters also adjured those remaining on the home front to be frugal and to keep the home tires burning, to donate money, goods, and their time to aid in the defeat of the Germans.
He lauded their devotion; extolled the virtues of hard work; adjured them to obey their superiors; entreated them to respect their Arab neighbors; exhorted them to keep faith with Jewish tradition and raise their children in the Hebrew tongue; and assured them of the gratitude of posterity and his own undying support.
Vernet's interpretation of the Eucharist was characteristic of the religious enlightenment insofar as he adjured truths contrary to reason (contra rationem) but endorsed truths above reason (supra rationem).