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These posters also adjured those remaining on the home front to be frugal and to keep the home tires burning, to donate money, goods, and their time to aid in the defeat of the Germans.
He lauded their devotion; extolled the virtues of hard work; adjured them to obey their superiors; entreated them to respect their Arab neighbors; exhorted them to keep faith with Jewish tradition and raise their children in the Hebrew tongue; and assured them of the gratitude of posterity and his own undying support.
Vernet's interpretation of the Eucharist was characteristic of the religious enlightenment insofar as he adjured truths contrary to reason (contra rationem) but endorsed truths above reason (supra rationem).
Clearly, those writings suggested that piety and morality would obscure the sense that housework was intrinsically arduous; but, in the end, they adjured that piety and morality would be incarnated and performed (in several ways and on multiple levels) by middle-class, white women engaged in the regular, systematic, and efficient implementation of their domestic duties.
In words that echo Amos, Hosea, and Isaiah, the people are adjured to "do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly" with their God.
In the nineties at the Modern Language Association Convention in Toronto, he presented a talk on anthropology so devastatingly beautiful its politics were pure poetry, and after this allegorical wonder, he distributed buttons upon which were written the words, We are Salman Rushdie, and adjured us not to take one as mere souvenir or decoration, but only with intent to wear it and mean it.
The Code also adjured physicians to take great care in what they said to patients, avoiding "all things which have a tendency to discourage the patient and to depress his spirits.
With the explosion of public interest in archaeology we are now adjured to write popular versions of our work, sometimes before the proper reports are compiled.
He adjured Jane to "'rouse up [her] fine faculties [.
But the white churches learned -- possibly in the eighteenth century -- the art of casting potentially subversive messages in a sort of pious lilting drone, so that even a president adjured to prudence before the eyes of the nation (as in the September 14 service at the National Cathedral) wil l not have to notice that he is being publicly mistrusted and given unsolicited advice.
We are adjured to address God as "You" and not "Thou," as we would speak to the milkman, or to a convivial friend in the saloon bar of the local.
Every year is Anno Domini (the year of our Lord), but, as Pope John II has adjured the faithful in Tertio Millennio Adveniente (The Coming of the Third Millennium), we should especially regard 1997 as the year of Jesus Christ.